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Discussion Question 1 - How Wolves Change Rivers 2

ENV1600: Winter 2021
Discussion Question #1
ENV 1600-004/752 – Human-Environmental Interactions
Instructor: Candi Bezte
2.5% of final grade.
Due Date:
Tuesday, Jan. 19/2021 (midnight)
If you haven't already seen the video – “How Wolves Change Rivers” please watch it (or watch
it again) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q then answer the following
Discussion Question:
In 250 words or less, please provide your personal feedback on the video (what did you think
about it?) and include in your response the main reason the "rivers" changed in response to
the wolves. Was it because of the actual number of deer they killed, or was it something
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Discussion 1 by Tuesday, Jan. 19th at midnight for full marks. Be sure to check out the full
Discussion Instructions and Rubric posted under Content - Discussion Questions so you will
have a good understanding of how to address the discussion questions in this course.
Please insert your answer here: The video perfectly displayed how living organisms can relate
with their non-living environment. The effect the deer had on the vegetation by decreasing it
due to overgrazing and the effect the wolves had by regenerating the vegetation shows that
every action living organisms carry out in an environment will have an effect which can be
either good or bad. It also shows the effects will not just be on the environment, but other
living organisms will also be affected by that action. The deer did not just decrease the
vegetation, but as a result other organism such as birds, bears were absent from the park. But
the effects the wolves had on the environment made other organisms to start moving into
the park. The rivers changed in response to the wolves because they changed the behaviour
of the deer. When the deer realized they were predators (wolves) present in the park which
were killing them, they started avoiding the valleys and gorges where they could be easily
trapped. This made these places to regenerate, growing more vegetation. The regenerating
forest reduced soil erosion and stabilized the banks so they collapsed less often. The rivers
became more fixed in their course. Therefore, I believe the main reason the river changed is
because the wolves drove the deer out of the valleys and gorges.
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Completeness – did you answer all parts of the question? Understanding – does it sound like
you actually viewed the material and that you know what you are talking about, or are you just
parroting information back? Clarity – can I clearly understand what you are saying and does it
ENV1600: Winter 2021
Discussion Question #1
make sense? Conciseness – are you repeating yourself, rambling or exceeding the word count?
This is general feedback, any additional comments on your own personal reply to this question
will be added below…thanks for watching the video!
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