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Parks Maintenance Personal Services Answers Sheet (2)

F610 Government Budgeting and Program Analysis
Budgeting Personal Services
County Parks Maintenance Exercise
Name ______Evan Carnes______________________________________ Date _9/14__________
Total Salaries FY 18
Total Fringe Benefits FY 18
Total Personnel Services Budget for FY 18
Cost of adding one full-time maintenance worker on
an annualized basis
$___34,256.80 (COLA changes notwithstanding)_____________
Total Salaries FY 19
Total Fringe Benefits FY 19
Total Personnel Services Budget for FY 19
Total Salaries for Executive’s Alternative FY 19
Total Fringe Benefits for Executive’s Alternative FY 19
Total Executive’s Alternative Personal Services Budget for FY 19
Increased Cost of Executive’s Benefits Proposal
Attach memo and spreadsheet
Memorandum Regarding Budget Changes to FY19
FY18 Versus FY19
From 2018 to the initial proposal for 2019, the overall budget for the Parks Department is
most largely increased due to the 2% COLA adjustment, as its increase on the annual salary of fulltime employees also increased Overtime, FICA, and Retirement amounts. When combining the now
higher fringe benefits and annual salaries, there is $171,425.48 in newly obligated funds for the year
of 2019. The cost of bringing on a new Maintenance worker alone increased this burden by $34,256.
The largest increase came to the 2% COLA wage increase, which would further affect this number if
employees were entitled to more benefits. It is important to note that the COLA increases only
minimally affected overall salaries, and the effect of this increase was primarily found within fringe
Your Proposed Changes
The proposed change of increasing employee wages to $15 dollars an hour, or $31,824 (post
COLA) increases the above budget by roughly $80,000. Surprisingly, the largest increases between
2018 and 2019, under your proposal, would mostly come in the form of fringe benefits. To grant fulltime status to these employees and apply the 2% COLA increase the revenue burden placed on the
County is roughly 144% of that found the year prior. The cost increase between your revised proposal
and the current 2019 budget has a politically-adventageous appeal, yet only actually raises wages less
than a dollar per hour on average for the County’s lowest paid employees. As well, part-time staff are
relieved of duty in the process.
Given the already large forecasted increase between 2018 and 2019 prior to your proposal, it
is far too burdensome to bring on more increases for the coming fiscal year. To further encourage
your platform of social responsibility, perhaps it is more feasible to work toward raising the COLA
percentage in coming years in cooperation with the City Council.
Fiscal Year 2018
Fiscal Year 2019 (Current)
Fiscal Year 19 (Your Proposal)