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Professional Yoga Trainer - What Education is Needed to Teach

Professional Yoga
Trainer: What
Education is
Needed to Teach
There are several training programs that you can choose from, and each one
covers a range of topics and techniques to help you become a yoga instructor.
If you want to dive deeper into the practice, the 300-hour teacher training
program is perfect for you. The lessons are more advanced compared to the
subjects that the 200-hour training covers. If you want to become a
professional yoga instructor, you need to undergo both programs.
Which One Do You Choose?
Sign up for the 200-hour training first. Once you’ve mastered the subjects in that
program, you will be ready to participate in the 300-hour training. Because the
lessons in the 300-hour program are more advanced, you need to have
developed your skills to handle the intensity of the workshops. It is not a walk in
the park. But it promises to add another dimension to your understanding and
practice of yoga.
How Do You Select a Yoga School?
To successfully achieve your goal of becoming an instructor, it’s essential that
you find a trustworthy school. That choice will determine the quality of the
training materials you’ll receive, the network of students you’ll meet, and the
teachers you’ll learn from. If you want to become a yoga teacher, you’ll need to
do more than sign up for an online yoga teacher training program.
What Training Do You Need?
Before you can sign up for a teacher training program, it is recommended that
you have two years of yoga practice. That is one way to ensure that you can
keep up with the content and intensity of the workshops. At its core, the training
is about honing your teaching knowledge and skills.
Does It Advance Your Practice?
Advancing your practice is not the primary goal of the teacher training
program. However, to teach, you need to master the material first. That helps
advance your practice because it helps you approach the training from a
different perspective. How will you teach this concept? How will you say it? There
is always a better way to do it. Learning a subject so you can teach it forces you
to understand multiple points of views, broadening your understanding and
perspective. That’s why there’s no better incentive to a yoga student than to
become a teacher. If yoga practice is a vital part of your life, teaching can help
you learn more about yourself, what you believe in, and how those beliefs affect
the way you practice and teach yoga.
What is the Teacher Training Program?
There are several programs. The first program you need to sign up for is the
200-hour teacher training course. Most of the course is learned through prerecorded lectures and modules, allowing for self-paced studies. It also forms
the core or foundation of your skills. That makes it easier for students to
incorporate the training into their schedules. Once you have mastered the
lessons in the 200-hour teacher training program, the next one is the 300-hour
teacher training course, which includes advanced lessons and materials.
Taking that course takes you on a more in-depth exploration of yoga teaching.
The minimum requirement to teach, though, is completing the 200-hour
teacher training program.
What Happens Once You Complete the Course?
The course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. After completing the
course, you will receive your certification. It’s one of your first credentials as a
yoga teacher but not the last. You can sign up and complete other programs
to build your experience and skills.
What are the Other Programs?
If you want to teach yoga to kids, you’ll need to undergo another program. There
are also continuing education programs for yoga teachers who want to
continue honing their skills and moving forward with their professional growth.