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Miting de avance Closing Remark

Closing Remark
Finally, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to start by thanking you all for your presence in this meeting
de avance, for the students who are here to listen to the campaign of their candidates in assuming office
for the student council of our school, for the person in charge for making the event possible, and
appreciation to the speakers of both parties. In the longed-talk that we have witness, both parties gave
their best in expressing the interest to be the body of the students’ council and excellence as their aim.
It is clear that candidates or speakers from each parties showed enthusiasm as they recited their
campaign speeches and showed their wits during the duration of the event.
It is a challenge for each candidates to express their intentions not only in words as they stand before
the ZPPSU community but also to put in action even after the election. Winning or losing doesn’t mean
much if you are really want to serve the ZPPSU community. I urged the candidates to take courage in
putting their words in action for the betterment of the ZPPSU community. Be an officer not just in name
but a responsible one by being a good exemplar to the rest of the ZPPSU community. Be bold. Be
selfless. “To serve, not be served.” And in service do it all for God’s greater glory.
Lastly, I do encourage every member of the ZPPSU student body to participate during election and
practice your right to suffrage. Be wise in choosing your candidates. May God bless us all and may He
showers His wisdom to each one of us. Good Day!