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Calories: 1848 Protein: 185 Carbs: 185 Fat: 41
grams of oats before cooking + 1 scoop of protein or (5 egg whites + 2 whole eggs) + 15 60
grams of peanut butter + 1 teaspoon of cinnamon over the oats or drink it as a drink after
pieces of raw almonds + coffee 15
:The second meal before exercise
grams sweet potato after cooking or brown pasta after cooking 150
chicken breasts after cooking 160
Green salad
:Post-workout meal
grams of lean meat or (salmon twice a week only) or 160 chicken breasts after cooking 150
gm white rice after cooking130
:Fourth meal
g chicken breasts after cooking or fish fillet 160
grams of white rice after cooking 120
:Meal before bed
grams of tuna in water (large can) 140
Broccoli 50g after cooking