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The Proposal

Yousif Mohammed Haroun Kafi
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1.1. In 12 years of my solemn experience since I started dating I have been very keen on
relationship matters and the effects of them. It is a responsibility that both partners undertake to
better themselves through every way possible with respect, determination, sacrifices, patience but
yet again hard work and a lot of investment through time, education, development physically,
socially, mentally considering spirituality and maintain ethics so as to avoid toxic experiences.
Having gone through that it is only seconded that through such consideration then we create times
for change and adjustment in every situation that provides itself whether positive or negative.
I am in the belief that relationships can be fulfilling and purposeful, I always desired an
extraordinary marriage, one that is intentional and focused.
One where my husband and I can intentionally build each other up and work together on a unified
vision and really experience the fullness of partnership Spiritually, emotionally, physically,
psychologically, sexually, financially, in business and in all other relevant aspects to our union and
the quality of life we build together.
Nothing extraordinary just occurs, it has to be dreamed, planned, created and implemented for it
to become a reality. This is the mindset I have toward marriage and life with my husband.
It’s effort, commitment, compromise, understanding and purpose.
As unusual as this may be, it is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. This also
indicates how you have considered your desire for me and it shows me how serious you are, I want
more than words and this is a start that shows me your level of commitment and I really appreciate
Yousif I am clear about what I bring to the table and want you to be clear and forthcoming just the
same, As we commit to a lifetime of loving each other and getting to know each other I want to
know that you have and will determine to not giving up on us in spite of the challenges, highlights
and things to come. I want a life partner and I am committed to offer you the same level of
Marriage is something you get into with eyes wide open, some people say it’s the romance that
leads the way but I beg to differ love is so much more than romantic feelings it is a resolution a
commitment and within the boundaries of commitment two people cultivate love.
When God fashioned Eve for Adam there was no ‘dating’ period so to speak, they were fashioned
for each other and they were given the boundaries of commitment to cultivate this love, therefore I
think the most romantic thing is a very clear and intentional pursuit and this is precisely what you
have done.
Project title
Marriage proposal
I humbly request for consideration of ( time, health, passion, dedication, development, love,
investment, children etc) from the woman that I have always loved since before her breasts became
bee stings.
I have considered your request and Yousif, I Accept your Marriage Proposal. ❤️
What? You put this in here lol, what if I’d love to show my daughters how their Dad and I were on
another level now I’m gonna have to explain the whole bee sting thing lol. Also I laughed at this.
I like you Yousif Mohammed Haroun Kafi! You bring out my silly funny side and I like that.
* I look forward to the day you propose I look forward to seeing what you come up with, how and
when you do it.
2.1 Project summary:
I take this opportunity to share my relevant decision to marry my sweetheart mrs. Mido Pa’gan
Amum after a long time of advanced thinking and personal development of self as a potential
partner who will be productive throughout our time together to passionately love and care for her
and help her fulfill her dreams and walk in hand beside her every step of the way through good
and bad times. Herein I provide various ways that will be applicable for our future to reach its
extreme and extraordinary level of compassion and as well prepare ourselves for future indulgence
with what life has to offer us. I have reason to believe that she seconds our marriage because :
She said she is fully in
Can’t wait to be in my arms and so do I
She said that I give her butterflies
She has always had a crush on me
She grows fonder of me daily
Misses me soo much
Proud of me
Prayed for me (her husband) and still does
And so much more that only her and I know of.
I am so passionate and proud of my woman as well and would do everything in my way to be part
of her life throughout our marriage and promise to stay loyal, faithful, open minded, handsome
and healthy in all aspects so I can provide her with what she deserves and let her enjoy her man
(me) to the fullest as she always wanted and dreamed of.
This just being the start I can promise that all my time and energy is dedicated and focused to our
healthy lives and our seedlings when we do plant them and it will be both our responsibilities to
take care of them in every way possible and show them love, happiness, hard work, respect, and
give them the skills to ready themselves when time comes for them to become persons of their
I want to take a moment to acknowledge how much you have evolved as a man, who you have
become is so appealing to me and I look forward to getting to know you more. I would be honored
to build a life with you Yousif.
I commit to holding you to your higher self, I look forward to seeing the practical out working of
your words of commitment and assure you that I will be equally committed to you,
I also promise to stay loyal, faithful, open minded, beautiful and healthy in all aspects so I can
provide you with what you deserve and let you enjoy me as your woman to the fullest as you have
always wanted and dreamed of.
2.2 Activities to be implemented:
Some of the various activities that we shall undertake before and after shall have timelines and
proper planning with consideration of time and deadlines that we shall together set up. These
include but are not limited to;
Keep in touch until forever do us part
Promise to love each other unconditionally
Plan for our marriage
Plan our future
Health plan
Developmental plans (investments)
Family time including holidays
Sexual Intimacy
Volunteer together
Start new traditions
Bubble bath together
Skinny dipping
Run a race together
Read to each other
Tech free day
Visit hometowns
Write love letters to each other
Couple scrapbook
I love the list of activities you have proposed and I commit to partnering with you to make these a
2.3 Project end-beneficiaries:
The target beneficiaries in this case will be both partners and our nuclear family after God blesses
us with preferably three or more beautiful children who we shall then take turns to name and raise
them together. The rough estimate of how many people the project will be able to reach/support
through the development stage should be (7)
(Continue or adjust)
Babe, I love the rough estimate of 7, I will propose to you that we aim for a total of 4 children
including Shima. God willing we are blessed with twins and that would total the beneficiaries to 7
but I would prefer to only birth 3 times. I hope you are content with that.
I will not expect for you to have any other children except by me. I will be open to adoption
perhaps if we have the resources, time and capacity to raise more than the 4 children.
I want you to seriously consider this as I would like us to be on the same page and agree together
and be content with the decision we make in regards to number of children.
I propose for us to be willing to learn and educate ourselves continually as to the best possible way
to raise our children, I ask for you to commit to being present at all births and prioritising our
family over everything and everyone else. I ask for you to be there with me at all appointments,
and significant moments in our children’s lives. I ask for you to determine to care for me during all
stages of pregnancy, It’s a journey I would very much love to experience with you by my side.
2.4 Role of the community :
The community will also have a role to play at some time and what I mean by is the locality or
place where we shall unfold our marriage and plan our future in. There will be a lot of consideration
when it comes to this matter because I only feel that it is wise to choose a place with a surrounding
that will be healthy enough for our children including Mido and I to advance in when it comes to
accessibility , health, education, development and also a standard and remarkable place with an
economy that we can invest in to be precise. It is very reasonable to be in a community where we
can embrace and pursue opportunities that enhance well being, broaden and build resources and
also foster a sense of purpose and meaning to life.
(Continue if any)
I want to thank you for being willing to relocate to Brisbane Australia, I know that it is a big
decision and I know that you have considered the options and made the decision that best suits
our future, our marriage, our children, our purpose and influence.
I believe that the motive of your decision is to lead us well and partner with me to build a life by
intentional design with me.
I appreciate your proactive approach and commit to creating a vision of the life we see and
developing a strategy and a plan.
I commit to having fun with you, enjoying each other and enjoying the life we design together.
It is going to require a unique approach because we have committed to not be passive about the
way we build our lives, we will do the work necessary to experience the life we desire.
I propose that we take the following exercises as part of the process
1. Get clear about the expectations we have of each other
2. Get clear about our visions and work on blending them together so that we are working
towards a united mission and vision in our marriage
3. Create a mission statement for our marriage
4. Create a vision statement of the life we see
5. Commit to praying together about our life.
6. Premarital Counselling courses
7. Any other suggestions by you are welcome…
2.5 Thematic area(s) to be worked on:
Health: in this case here we have to consider a place accessible enough and affordable
Incase but God forbids when times of sickness comes. It is preferable to be at a place where there
are no plagues, viruses etc and close enough to access health services and benefits as well.
Development: this is a core and critical mandate that we have to take heads on personally
as well as as a family. Here we shall break it down into several fields which will include but not limit
us to,
New product development which will concern a plan undertaken to solve another problem
and this will include
Education for all
Business capital
I would like for us to brainstorm all possible ideas to generate several streams of income as
I would like us not to be dependent exclusively on jobs as they can be volatile based on the
economy, I think COVID has shown us how unreliable traditional jobs can be to create stability for
the future. Ideally I would like us to create a minimum of 7 different streams of income over the
next couple of years.
Project is the product development where it shall be to provide support to others ie
ourselves and children and will include
Financial plans for personal development
Savings for all
I also propose an inheritance plan commencing the birth of each child ( investment shares
for them and saving accounts in their name for their education, I would like us to gift our children
with debt free education, this also includes a plan for Shima I would like her to have access to the
best education and lifestyle we are able to provide her - this plan to include her in the planning of
raising our children can commence in our first year of marriage.
I also ask you to seriously consider tithing and offering and giving to be part of our financial
lifestyle no matter how little or how much we make
Infrastructure project where it is a priority to secure a humble home and properties for our
family as a whole
I agree, we can begin to develop a plan and a checklist of the requirements necessary to
make this a reality, the first thing is to get on the same page financially and this means while we
are planning our future we can engage in lengthy conversations on finances, educate ourselves on
financial management, figure out our financial expectations and key strengths and how we can
support each other financially.
Management: this here will be to asses the function and the performance of the goals set
all round and shall entail
Assessment of the budget set and the expenditure
Goal (realistic or not)
Time frame
Financial goal: this is a very important key subject and we will not overlook it at all. And
some of the focus will be set to
Update our insurance
Create budget for everything
Relooking at several credit card options
I would love for us to discuss and develop a financial plan and lifestyle that is debt free and doesn’t
rely on credit for functionality, some of the plans i propose is creating and living within our means
and spend less than we make, save for our future and live a debt free lifestyle, adjust our lifestyle
gradually based on our income, discuss and develop a strategy to support our extended family
financially where necessary with out causing strain and conflict on our finances, marriage and
relationship. Set very clear boundaries financially for our extended family especially considering the
nature of our culture and the issues we have both witnessed and experienced financially in our
families of origin.
I also would like us to be a united front in our descisions, I would like for you to include me in the
decision making you and Shima’s mom take concerning her as I don’t want to be excluded from
any part of your life, I would like some very clear boundaries between you and Shimas mom and
would like that your co-parenting relationship doesn’t cause any strain on our relationship.
Know our relationship with Heavenly Father does exist
This is perhaps the most important aspect of life to me, I desire for you to not just support my
spirituality but commit to getting to know God for yourself. I will support you on your journey of
spiritual growth and development. I desire for us to take some small practical steps daily without
compromise. 1. Daily devotions daily not the Youversion Bible app 2. Pray together at least 3 times
a week, fast together and once you’re here attend church with me and raise our children with
Christian values and beliefs.
Please consider this, lets discuss this and agree together, so that this is a point that isn’t debated in
the future and we are both happy with the descisions we make spiritually.
2.7 Expected goal and learning objective(s):
The overall goal of this project is to have a healthy comfortable affordable standard of living and
investment and this has to do with several objectives that we will focus to attain and learn more on
our journey. We shall set up short term goals that will be personal and as a family as well and they
have to be specific, measurable, accurate, reliable and timely and we have to prioritize them,
present them, be positive, precise, performance based, practical etc and by doing this will ease and
help maintain our balance, strengthen our focus, enhance our productivity, manage our stress
levels, sustain our motivation and increase our happiness in the long run which is where our
longterm goals is focused on.
I expect us to have and plan for:
Always have a plan
Insurance cover
Recreational activities
Food and shelter
Never to take things for granted
Respect yourself and everyone else
Continuous education (school fees)
Hard work
Set goals and timelines to achieve them
Always invest
Importance of saving
I agree, lets get clear about our vision, mission, goals both longterm and short term and begin to
develop a specific and clear plan and process to make it our reality.
2.9 Game components:
It is very important to know what components are readily available and what can be accessed and
what can be planned for in the future so as to tackle the project.
Multiple streams of income
Investments ( property and stock) liquid and non liquid
Healthcare plan
Holiday packages
I agree
2.10 Development methodology:
When we are done planing our future then this is where now we create a method of how to do it
and again it takes both parties in this case here being Lady Asif and I. So some key focus will be on
Renegotiate employment contracts
Adjust to living and making decisions together henceforth
Get a good job
Tireless work to get a raise in salary and benefits
Seek promotions
Invest wisely
Always educate ourselves
Adopt to different standards of living
I agree
2.11 Staff involved in the project:
This project shall be undertaken by only two parties and in this case that will be my gorgeous wife
Mido Pa’gan Amum and I Yousif Mohammed Haroun Kafi in the first couple of years and therefore
after it Shall include our children as they grow up and learn from us. At some point it may include
our parents and in-laws but we will not rely on that.(Continue)
2.12 Monitoring and evaluation:
When it comes to this, there will be several ways to monitor and evaluate different stages of our
marriage and compare results.
Some of the ways we can do that is by
Set goals and break them down ie weekly, monthly, yearly etc
Compare the level of education reached and new skills learned
Level of happiness in our lives ( how happy and contented are we)
Evaluate our standard of living
How open is the family when it comes to sharing what they have in mind and whatsoever
Know our savings
Look at our investments and compare liquid and solid assets
Evaluate our properties
Know our health care benefits
I also agree with this point, lets create a tradition of monthly check ins to evaluate our goals, our
progress, level of happiness and results. Lets start this immediately should we do this at the
beginning or end of each month? Lets make it a goal date day, lets make this one of out traditions.
2.13 Advocacy :
Here I believe the only way we will be able to do this is by knowing how much of an impact we
make throughout our time together to the people we love and the community as well. This can be
known through several programs that we will be involved with in the community like give always,
donations, community development projects, volunteering as a family etc (continue)
3. COSTED WORKPLAN (later on)
Expected results
Main Planned activities
Implementation period (months)
To be discussed and developed
I Yousif Mohammed Haroun Kafi
(I love Mido Pa’gan Amum and want her to marry me plus I loved her before her breast became
bee stings)
(She has the keys to my heart)
II.Mido Pa’gan Amum
According to the song she made for me.
(She feels her heart beat and her walls melt)
(Said my eyes are like wine and she want to drink em up )
(Can’t wait time call my name when I’m with her)
(She said “hurry home to me Yousif, I can’t wait”)
According to her poem for me.
( she said take me into you and love me until I am you)
(Love me until the two of us become one)
(She also exclaimed that “Yousif let me love you until we are one”)
(She want to love me until my heart is hers, until nothing can tell us apart)
(She wants to consume me)
These are some but just a few reasons I want to make her mine. The rest She knows it all
In light of our conversation on the 12th of October it is therefor agreed between both lovers that there will be
no thought, conversation, idea or any foreseeable reason for any separation after our marriage be it for any
 Yousif Mohamed Haroun Kafi, I hereby take this document as a formal marriage proposal and a
commitment from you to design with me a life and lifestyle we both love, a vision to have a
positive influence in both Sudan and South Sudan economically, educationally, mentally and
spiritually as well as in our country of residence. I take this as an invitation to have and raise
children together, an invitation to experience and cultivate a love life full of intimacy relationally,
spiritually, emotionally, sexually, physically, economically and socially.
I take this as a life long invitation well into our old age, I take this as a promise to never quit or give
up on us, a commitment to continue to grow together and enjoy the best life God is willing to give
us and that we can create for ourselves.