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The Role Of Youths And Students in Achieving The
Sustainable Development Goals
The role of youths and students in achieving the sustainable development goals “We can't help
everyone, but everyone can help someone. ” Today, youth, as a positive, energetic, creative
and passionate part of modern society, plays an important role in solving global problems.
Young people are more likely to communicate, share their ideas openly and accept new things.
We are always fascinated by the dreams of the future. Dreams have a better world, no evil and
hatred. Everyone has their own place, and there are many opportunities for development.
Therefore, this is one of the reasons why the United Nations attaches great importance to the
younger generation and provides us with opportunities to solve solutions to global problems. At
the same time, I want to emphasize the issue of accessibility and quality of education.
Why does it seem special to me? I live in Pakistan - a developing Asian country. We have a
long history and a rich culture. However, political, social and economic indicators are at a low
level. If we talk about the reasons for these indicators, we must first consider the lack of
education. I wrote this because I learned to write. I read a lot of information about the
organization because I have learned to read it. I am familiar with the Sustainable Development
Goals and the work of the United Nations because I am a university student. I am able to
communicate with other participants from different countries and cultures because I have
already studied English. I can express my thoughts because I have learned how to analyze and
think. We are all able to solve global problems because we are educated. Due to lack of
education and narrow thinking, there are many problems in the world. The child will make you
smile and smile. The children are curious, pure and kind. We should learn from the children.
The most important issue is child labor, and important reason for increasing child labor is
poverty. No matter how much effort is taken to stop this situation, child labor is increasing, which
is a fact. Now, it raises the question of whether our social efforts and values are sufficient to
eliminate this child labor problem. In my opinion, we have made less effort in determining the
exact cause of this social problem. Therefore, current child labor solutions are not as perfect as
we expected. We cannot deny that child labor in the Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan and
Bangladesh is increasing.
What is the solution? Three things:
1. Society and people
2. Welfare organizations
3. Government but I want to discuss only one solution here because I am working with
welfare organization.
“Little Contribution Against Child Labor” My name is Khalil Ur Rehman, and I recently
completed a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science
at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. I am currently selected as a Master degree in
Control Science and Engineering under the TSP Scholarship. Currently, I am working as a web
Coordinator for Child Labor Eradication Program (CLEP). I did also work as a collection Group
leader. Child Labor Eradication Program is a nonprofit social, welfare organization that is
working on frontline in elimination of child labor and promotion of education in Pakistan. CLEP is
a family of dedicated, devoted, fervent and passionate students and teachers who are working
voluntarily in field of education by educating laboring child, So that they can enjoy their right to
education and can play their part in betterment of our beloved state. CLEP came into existence
in the mind of a student just like many of you, who had a vision to think outside the box. That
idea was transferred to his fellows and this small bunch of people started something, they had
no idea will prosper this much. CLEP bloomed in the heart of Faculty of Veterinary Science,
University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan and within no time, it was on everyone’s tongue.
It started supporting 2 laboring kids and the number started increasing gradually. In one year’s
time, CLEP was recognized by The Veterinary Medical Society®, due to selfless efforts from its
members and resected advisors.
After completing FVS with 200+ donating members, CLEP flourished to other faculties of
University. 60+ members actively worked in its core committee and it was everywhere within
University and outside too with likes of GC University Faisalabad and RIPHAH Faisalabad.
Currently, CLEP has been supporting about 25 children directly and is supervising MC Model
Girls Primary School, Youngwala, Faisalabad by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with
the City District Government (CDG) Faisalabad and anticipating to go infinity and beyond lest
CLEP puts an end to child labor! In my opinion, when the United Nations decides that everyone
can receive inclusive and quality education, we will be able to change the world around us.
The United Nations has made great efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals,
but it seems to me that it needs to start not only from the top but also from the bottom, because
the bottom layer may be the root cause and an important key factor. In my opinion, we will be
able to change the world around us when everyone will have access to inclusive and quality
education as the UN decides. United Nations makes great efforts to implement the SDGs, but in
my opinion it needs to work not only from the top, but also from the bottom as the bottom maybe
the root and the important key for the solution. As the great Luther King said, "I have a dream".
And I believe that one day it will be realized, and young people will play one of the main roles in
this process.
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