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Tourism sector given a joyful and memorable experience to the traveller. Globalization has
facilitated the travel industry to show up at remarkable lengths with the United Nations World
Tourism Organization. The Government of India and the Ministry of Tourism has promotion
of Buddhist pilgrimage sites by Incredible India Campaign in 2002. This thesis focused on all
Buddhist tourism, in India and help to develop economic resource by the Buddhist tourism sites
in India.
This Paper, try to find out the factors that affecting to develop Buddhist tourism in India. Its
covers the Buddhist sites, experts in tourism enterprise and local peoples whose business are
dependent only tourism. The primary data for this paper collected by established questionnaire
from the different tourist and local tour guides who visited and guided tour site sites.
Primary Data was collected by questionnaire methods & quantitative tool of in-intensity
interviews with tour guide, tourist and Travel agents. Secondary data which compiled from
Journal s, Books, and government policy paper and Reports.
Result and discussion
Point of view, of the tourist and tour guide, travel agent there are three major reasons
effect to visit to Buddhist sites for tourism purpose and Such as, pilgrimage, cultural
heritage and spiritual experimental. Furthermore according to the findings, majority of
Buddhist tourist visit with their friends and families. And also, they spend more than 10
days in India to visits Buddhist sites.
Buddhist sites Tourism as a Tourism industry potential goldmine that isn't just a monetary
empowering agent, its play an important Role a political integrator.