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arrangement awkward bachelor biscuit cafeteria
cemetery desperate diphtheria discipline disease drudgery ecstasy eighth independent irresistible liable
obstacle persuade practically prairie religious restaurant rhetoric salary scarcely secretary sheriff suffrage
suppress temperament temperature tendency unanimous valuable wholly
Accommodate address aggravate appearance beneficiary candidate compel conscious coolly deceive deference
describe discussion eligible emphasize forehead foreign glamorous government hypocrisy incredible
judgment legitimate momentous nickel ninety notoriety pageant permissible prevalent rally referral rhythm
severely transferred vengeance weird yolk
Barbarian commit committee competition conqueror disastrous especially exhaust familiar foremost ghost
glamorous grief grievous handkerchief hygiene intentionally manual mathematics organization outrageous
parliament preceding pronunciation propeller recommend referred resistance ridiculous sacrilegious sentinel
shriek species studying supersede symmetry twelfth usage Wednesday
Accidentally achieved apparently calendar changing chauffeur colonel conceive deferred desirable disappoint
dissatisfied exaggerate existence explanation February finally hoping imminent innocence library literature
mattress mortgage niece occasion occurrence omitted operate optimistic parallel physically possess prejudice
psychology recede schedule sophomore tournament
Exception to rules of plurals irregular words:
Woman – women
mouse – mice
Goose – geese
ox - oxen
Foot – feet
person – people
same singular and plural
salmon, deer, moose
Hero – heroes
portfolio – portfolios
Tornados – tornadoes
radio - radios
Potato – potatoes
cameo – cameos
Words ending with a consonant:
Beg – begging shop – shopped
add – adding
deter – deterring regret – regrettable compost - composting
Plural of nouns ending in y or ay /ey / iy / oy / uy
If a noun ends with a consonant and y, replace with – ies
Fly – flies puppy – puppies
If a noun ends with a vowel and y, the plural formed by adding an -s
Alley – alleys boy – boys
When a noun ends in the letters ch, sh, s, x, z and -es to make plural ad an -s
Church – churches
bush – bushes bass – basses mix – mixes buzz – buzzes Ross family – Rosses
Captain certain faint hair malaise
Bacteria beneficiary diamond humiliation nuptial
There are only 3 words in the English language that end with -ceed:
Exceed, proceed, succeed
Only 1 word in the English language that ends with -sede:
Most other words end in with -cede
Small number of words end with -ise
concede, recede, precede
advertise, advise, arise, chastise, circumcise, comprise,
compromise, demise, despise, devise, disguise, enterprise, excise, exercise, franchise, improvise, incise,
merchandise, premise, reprise, revise, supervise, surmise, surprise, televise
words that end with -ize
accessorize, agonize, authorize, brutalize, capitalize, caramelize,
categorize, civilize, demonize, downsize, empathize, euthanize, idolize, immunize, legalize, metabolize, mobilize,
organize, ostracize, plagiarize, privatize, utilize, visualize