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Consumer Behavior

What is Personality?
The internal characteristics of a human that how a person react in response to the environment.
And now a person’s personality is determined based on the brand that he or she choses because
the brand they use defines how they are in terms of personality like for example let’s talk about
Apple Product, it is observed that those people who use Apple products prefer life style, liberty
regained, etc. because these are the value or personality traits that Apple target through their
brand marketing.
Personality is reflected based on the products or brands through which we are surrounded like
if the brands that surrounds us empowers freedom, travelling or extravert like personalities
characteristics then it will influence its end users in the same way and can either increase the
intensity of these personality characteristics as well as can change the personality traits. This
is how the personality of an individual change based their brand preference.
There is a famous saying that personality influence the purchase decision that we make
regarding purchasing or making a choice about a brand and it can be vice versa that a brand
can have influence over our personality traits. Like The people who buy Apple prefer strong
sense of life style because this is what Apple is about and now the Apple try to create brand
loyalty by marketing its product as “This is the product for American citizens” that not only
create sense of life style as well as a sense of superiority. Apple is the most acceptable brand
across North America that creates a sense of belonging like characteristics in their consumers
which has now become a part of personality characteristics of the American citizens and this
make consumers to prefer and idealize their personality while making purchase decision that
what product suits their personality.
Theories of Personality:
Major personality theories are defined below along with the examples of market leaders to
better show the understandings regarding these concepts:
Freudian Theory:
Unconscious or unknown needs are the primary cause for the motivation for a consumer to
make a choice regarding brand acceptance like in the beginning no body even knows that they
need a touch screen smart phone, sometimes you have to hit the consumers with already
available market options in the best way or have to create new need on the markets because
that’s what Apple has done. They used Blue Ocean strategy as they came with a totally different
product line which influence personality in an entirely different way.
Neo-Freudian Theory:
Social relationships are one of the most important external factors that shapes a human
personality which not only creates a sense of belonging to as well as they affect the personality
of those who are part of a social group. Usually, those people who are part of a specific group
have somewhat similar major personality characteristics like those people who prefer Apple I
phone more than any other brand in terms of smartphone all wants privacy and data security as
Apple has shown that they have very strict policy regarding data security.
Trait Theory:
Defines personality based on the psychological traits like if a person always prefers change,
then such person loves those brands that update their key features or launch new product in a
short span of time like Apple launch their software update timely as well as launch their new
model every year, this change is not only created by Apple consumer as well as now this
personality trait is pushed by Apple in its consumer.
Freudian Theory:
There are some instinctual needs that seeks immediate satisfaction and these needs are nurtured
within a person because of the society to which he/she belongs. Like Apple is primarily
marketed in a society where people prefer quality the most and high-end services, so now
whenever Apple launches a new model they always focus on software, user-interface, design,
etc. all these unique features show values of the society that what kinds of traits and code of
conduct are nurtured in a society.