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Sample Classroom Rules and Motto

Classroom Rules and Procedures
1. Raise your hand and wait to be
acknowledged to speak.
2. Make eye contact, listen, turn your
body towards them to let someone
know you are listening.
3. Treat each other respectfully by
a. Acknowledge what they say
b. Not interrupting
c. Don’t judge background, looks,
or culture
d. Use appropriate language by
not swearing, no putdowns, no
4. If you need to use the bathroom, go
by the door and wait to be
acknowledged to leave.
5. Pick up trash, wipe your desks down
push in your chairs and put décor
back nicely before you leave class.
Classroom Motto
1. Loud, rambunctious, welcoming,
cool, smart, positive, weird, unique,
We are the grade 9 leaders! We are
welcoming, cool, loud and unique. We
will conquer our classes by working
together to be successful. We will be
focused, confident and positive each
day. We are here not only because we
have to be, but because we need to be.
We are the grade 9 leaders and we will