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Possible question for the interview

Tell us about yourself.
Good evening. I am Paula Mae Horolan. 17 years old. I am someone who strives to be a leader
and not a follower. In different circumstances, I am mostly one of the vital parts of a group, as I
always want to contribute. I've been an outstanding student ever since nursery, a great student
leader in my past years of schooling, and fortunately, given a chance; hoping to serve my costudents in this new normal. I am approachable and not someone who can be with you where you'll
feel awkward. I am simple to get along with and communicate with.
Why did you apply as a liaison officer of your batch?
At first, I was hesitant to apply for the said position. But, after some consideration of myself, I
decided to apply for the position as I found it interesting and I believe I can do this job responsibly.
As I knew what this officer did, it appeared to me that the organization will need an officer with a
collaborative mindset who are attentively active and aware of their job. As a result, I came to realize
that this position appeared to be an excellent potential match for me. I want to lead in a field where
I have experience and I know how the department works. I want to start leading in an area where
my expertise can be utilized. I also want to prove to myself that this time I can manageably be a
part of an organization after how many opportunities I missed because I was afraid of the outcome
and obsessed with studying. It's time to have ties with my batchmates or with other people who
can give me lessons, learn from them, and help me grow. Lastly, I want to overcome my fear and
be a path for someone who needs to be aware and deserves their ideas to be heard.
Why do you deserve to win?
I think each of us deserves to win (to be chosen), but in my case, I deserve to win as I am someone
who is up for any challenge and adventure. Ever since, I have always been someone who wants
to lead as I like the feeling of being able to influence the lives of my fellow students in a positive
manner. Furthermore, I am someone who is informed about the things happening around me
because I quickly get information through my awareness when it comes to school matters. Lastly,
I love working with people who are passionate about their jobs despite the hectic schedules they
have. And I believe I am compassionate, hardworking, understanding, a good listener, and I believe
I have an eye for advices.
What makes you unique from other applicants/What makes you stand out from others?
My unique traits that make me stand out from others are that I have an ability to work under
pressure. Despite the hectic schedule, I still give time to what job has been given to me; my brain
functions well, and I easily finish my job. Also, I am very initiative. I am not afraid to approach
someone who I feel is helpful to me and erases thoughts in my mind that bother me. I always
wanted to make the first move and communicate well. Lastly, I have strong interpersonal and
organizational skills. I've always liked being in control and working in a team environment; to
effectively communicate with them, verbally or nonverbally.
Given your position, how will you be able to address the concerns of your fellow students?
For me to be able to address their concerns, I'll use all my means in order to find a specific solution
for their problem. I'll ask for advice or help from people who can give an explicit explanation and
give feedback that will solve the problem. As a student in the same batch as my batchmates, I
understand their concerns and why they are having difficulty. So, I think this will be to my advantage
as I will be able to give them advice on how to solve issues in an easier way and in a way that's
within their capacity.
How will you contribute to the SBO’s mission and goals?
If I'm chosen as the batch liaison officer, I'll do my best to do my job. I will contribute to MedTech
Student Body Organization in achieving its vision, mission, goals, and objectives by upholding the
values in my heart and continuing and doing things that align with the values of the organization. I
shall continue to treat others with generosity. I will value every lesson I will receive from the officers
and will share my ideas whenever I have one that I think can help achieve the core values that the
org is withholding. I will communicate and interact with my batchmates in order to gather
information about their needs that need to be improved. And through this, I can uphold the value
of the organization which is to seek continuous improvement in the UC College of MedTech
If you could only accomplish one thing in your term, what would it be?
If I can accomplish one thing within my term, I want to be able to address the problems with the
mental health of the students, as I want them to be able to finish this school year with peace of
mind and not much regret or anything that could disrupt their way of learning because of a mental
What are your talents and hobbies?
My talents are dancing and playing sports, which are softball and badminton. My hobbies are
watching movies on Netflix and strolling around on the different social media platforms,
which, luckily, will lead me to keep updated. I want to keep myself busy because I hate doing
nothing. I'll be studying and scanning learning materials, which I feel are very reliable and helpful
for my studies. Lastly, my best hobby is sleeping.
I was an active student leader when I was in elementary school, and I managed to handle my
studies and do activities in school that required our help. I was a student representative during my
junior years, and I've been pretty much involved in most of the activities and programs that were
organized by the organization.
What do you consider to be your best strength? (Relate it to the position)
I think my best strength is my experience, as it helps me to think maturely and address each
problem with my head held high and too much enthusiasm.
What do you consider to be your biggest weakness? (Relate it to the position)
I think my biggest weakness is that I'm too driven, so sometimes I end up being so caught up in
the situation that I'm in that it becomes hard for me to move forward.
If I'll be given a chance to advertise this course, first I want to emphasize that there are no courses
that are easy. All courses are equal, and we must put effort into everything we do. Medical
technology may catch us off guard, but it will be satisfying in the end. If this is your dream, don't be
tempted or disheartened by other people's opinions, and just be yourself. Move forward and chase
your dreams.