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Y7 Transition Booklet 2022

In this booklet you will find information relevant to various aspects of your son’s transition to Year 7 over the
coming months. I strongly encourage you and your son to read this booklet and the Wadhurst Parents’
Handbook as they will help you become more familiar with Wadhurst, its many activities and opportunities.
Specifically, this booklet contains the following information:
A list of key dates referring to student transition and parent functions as well as a brief summary of the
activities that take place
Advice for your son to help him make a great start at Wadhurst!
Year 7 at Wadhurst overview
Information and Communication Technology Program
Audit of Wadhurst student personal information
You are most welcome to access the weekly Wadhurst Bulletin via the School’s website at
www.mgs.vic.edu.au This will help you to gain an understanding of the many activities that take place during
the year at Wadhurst. When your son enters Year 7 next year you should read this Bulletin which is emailed
to you on Thursday afternoon each week.
Moving from primary to secondary school is a significant event in a child’s education journey. A number of
activities take place to ensure the boys have a smooth transition into Wadhurst. The focus is on reducing the
student’s concerns and anxiety, building their confidence and developing relationships. Students are more
likely to perceive they have had a successful transition if they have friends and feel like they belong in the
school environment.
If you have any enquiries concerning anything at Wadhurst, please feel free to contact me on 9865 7732.
Tim Inglefinger
Wadhurst Transition Coordinator
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 2
November 2021 TBC - Due to COVID-19 Restrictions
Main Orientation Session.
Monday 31 January 2022
Orientation Session - Day 1, Term 1, 2022.
All boys entering Year 7, 2022 attend Wadhurst from 8.20am to 2.00pm. School uniform is to be worn.
Friends of Grammar will supply a BBQ lunch for students.
Year 8 boys will not be in attendance on this day.
Tuesday 1 February 2022
This is the first official day of school for Year 7 and Year 8 students.
School commences at 8.30am and concludes at 3.15pm.
Monday 14 February - Friday 18 February 2022
‘Entering the Gates’ Camp – Barwon Heads
2022 Date TBC
Year 7 Parent Information Evening in the Wadhurst Hall at 7.00pm.
Parents will also meet their son’s tutor. 1 Domain Road, Melbourne.
2022 Date (TBC. Invitations will be issued by The Community Relations Office.)
Headmaster’s Welcome to all parents new to Melbourne Grammar School. 6.00 – 8.00pm in the Centre for
Learning and Leadership.
2022 Date TBC
Friends of Grammar ‘Wadhurst’ Welcome Morning Tea for Year 7 parents commencing at 8.00am in the
Morrow Room of The Community Relations Office.
2022 Date TBC
Year 7 Cocktail Party on the Wadhurst Deck at 6.30pm (1 Domain Road, Melbourne).
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 3
Term 1
Monday 31 January to Friday 8 April (for Year 7).
Tuesday 1 February to Friday 8 April (for Year 8)
Mid-term Exeat – Monday 14 March (No APS Sport held on these weekends)
Term 2
Wednesday 27 April to Friday 24 June
Mid-term Exeat – Monday 13 June (No APS Sport held on these weekends)
Term 3
Tuesday 19 July to Friday 16 September
Mid-term Exeat – Monday 22 August (No APS Sport held on these weekends)
Term 4
Monday 3 October to Thursday 8 December
Mid-term Exeat – Monday 31 October (No APS Sport held on these weekends)
Melbourne Cup Day Holiday – Tuesday 1 November
The MGS website contains a calendar of key dates to which parents can refer. The weekly Wadhurst Bulletin
will also contain news of important Wadhurst functions and any alterations that need to be made to any
dates. Parents are strongly advised to access this bulletin each week.
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 5
Online School Visits – October & November 2021
The Wadhurst Transition Co-Ordinator and Learning Strategies teachers make contact with Grimwade and
some other schools to answer any questions about Wadhurst the students may have. Where appropriate,
we meet with the Year 6 teachers to obtain an overall picture of the students.
Orientation Sessions:
TBC – Due to COVID-19
First day of Term One, Monday 31 January, 2022
In order to facilitate a smooth start for the Year 7 students of 2022, we have arranged a special program for
them on Monday 1 February, 2022 commencing at 8.20 am on the Wadhurst deck. On this day, only Year 7
boys will come to school, with Year 8 students returning the following day.
During the morning the boys will spend some time with their Tutor teacher and will be issued with their own
Student Record Book, book locker and sports locker. The School will supply the lock for the book locker, but
each boy must bring a lock and key for his sports locker on the first day.
We recommend your son gradually bring his schoolbooks and equipment to Wadhurst during the first few
days of term. All items that he brings to school must be clearly named. Items that are clearly named, but are
‘lost’, have a much better chance of being returned to their owner!
On that day, your son will be sharing a BBQ ‘sausage sizzle’ organised by the Friends of Grammar
‘Wadhurst’ Committee. A snack for morning recess is all that would be necessary. (Please notify the
Wadhurst office - wadhurst@mgs.vic.edu.au a week prior to Monday 31 January, 2022 if your son
has special catering or medical requirements.)
During this first day, the boys will participate in a brief Assembly. They will also take part in sporting practice
in preparation for Inter-school Sport (APS). Your son will need to bring his APS sports uniform and equipment
(if required) for his FIRSTCHOICE in summer sport. Please refer to the Wadhurst Parents’ Handbook for the
proper sports attire. The students are not to bring their IT device on this day. The boys are to wear their
school uniform when they are not participating in sports training.
The boys will be dismissed at 2.00pm on this first day. Regular school hours will apply for the remainder of
the week (8.30 am - 3.15 pm).
‘Entering the Gates’ Transition Program - Tuesday 1 February to Friday 4 February, 2022
A wide range of activities take place to ensure the boys have a smooth transition into Wadhurst. Some of the
current Wadhurst students are included in the process through the Mentor Program. Our well-planned
program helps students to develop a greater understanding of secondary school which is a significant step to
ensure a successful transition. The boys also participate in several activities that promote social interactions
and create new friendships.
‘Entering the Gates’ Camp – Monday 14 February to Friday 18 February, 2022
All boys in Year Seven will spend three days at Barwon Heads on the Bellarine Peninsula, participating in a
range of team building initiatives, while also enjoying surfing and a variety of beach and aquatic activities.
The aim of the camp is to support boys’ transition to Wadhurst and begin to develop and consolidate
friendship groups with boys in tutor groups and pastoral houses. Two tutor groups attend during each of the
three days and the boys are supervised by Wadhurst teaching staff, in particular their Tutor teacher and
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 6
members of the MGS Outdoor Education team. Activities include surfing, coastal walks, group initiatives and
other enjoyable beach activities which focus on team work, collaboration, co-operation and relationship
Something for the Parents too:
A number of events are scheduled early in the school year to support and inform parents with the transition
to Middle School. Parents are encouraged to participate in the Year 7 Welcome Morning Tea, Year 7 Parent
Information Evening and the Year 7 Friends of Grammar Cocktail Evening to name a few. More information
regarding such activities can be found in the weekly Melbourne Grammar School Parent Bulletin.
Tips for parents to support your son in his transition to Wadhurst:
• Be informed… keep this Transition Booklet handy over the next few months.
Read the Wadhurst Parents’ Handbook with your son.
Help your son with organisation and time management.
Your son may need your help in encouraging him to make new friends.
Keep the communication open. If you have concerns about your son’s transition to Wadhurst, it is
important to communicate with his Tutor.
The boys are most often concerned with the change in organisation such as timetable, locker, getting
lost, work load, new teachers, catching public transport, etc. You may wish to discuss these issues with
your son beforehand to establish some coping strategies. With the transition program in place and by
working together to provide greater support, you can help to ensure a successful start to Wadhurst.
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 7
Here is some advice we believe will assist your son to make the most of his transition to our middle school.
Make friends, make friends, make friends!!! Even if you already know other boys coming to Wadhurst,
expand your friendship group. If you don’t know anyone else at all then join in the activities and get to
know others in your class.
Establish a daily routine. Every morning you walk out the front door at home, check that you have your:
1. School bag
2. Student Record Book (distributed in Term 1, Week 1)
3. Student ID card (distributed in Term 1, Week 2)
4. Lunch
5. Sports bag (if required)
6. IT (device)
7. Music instrument (if required)
8. Money (if required)
9. Mobile Phone (if required)
10.MYKI (if required)
Determine your transportation. Do you know how you are going to get to and from school? During the
holidays have a few practise runs using trains, trams or buses, or riding your bike so you know
exactly what to do.
Everything brought to school must be named. This will provide the best chance of items being returned
to their owner!
Listen carefully to all instructions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when unsure. No one gets into
trouble for asking questions!
The Student ID card issued in Week 2 serves as a method of boys signing in and out of campus
(late arrival/early departure). It also serves as a library card and a Public Transport Victoria (PTV)
approved form of concession card when travelling. If students wish to purchase lunch, the student
cafeteria accepts cash until the beginning of Week 3, after which students are required to move to a
cashless payment system. See Wadhurst Parent Handbook for details regarding setting up a
‘Flexischools’ account.
Use the Student Record Book to help you – write down reminders about homework, music lessons,
sports training, etc. You will receive your Semester One Student Record Book on the first day of school.
A book locker will be assigned to you on the first day of school along with a lock. You must bring
another lock for your sports tog locker. You may bring your books and equipment in gradually
throughout the first week of school.
Valuable items should not be brought to school. Mobile phones, etc that boys elect to bring to school
must be placed in the boy’s book locker as soon as they reach Wadhurst. These items are not to be
used during the school day. (The school does not accept responsibility for such items.)
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 8
You will have to deal with lots of change such as new teachers, a new timetable, and your own lockers
just to name a few. Keep a positive attitude! Try as hard as you can in everything you do. Always aim
for your P.B. – your personal best! Great things are accomplished by persistence!
Develop resilience. There will be disappointments in life. Learn from any mistakes. Ask for advice from
teachers, friends, and your parents.
Help others. We are a community who care for one another. Ask yourself - ‘how can I help my friends
and other boys in my peer group?’ Every member of our community must be respected.
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 9
Academic Course
All Year 7 students will partake in the following subjects which are taught throughout the year:
Health and Physical Education
Multi-Disciplinary Studies (ARGO)
Two languages from:
These subjects are taught on a semester basis:
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Design Technology
Visual Arts
My Digital World (IT)
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 10
There is a wide range of musical activities at Wadhurst including: Wadhurst Choir, Chapel Choir, Concert
Band, Jazz Ensemble, String Orchestra and the Wadhurst Orchestra. Regular concerts are held during the
year. A number of Wadhurst students may be invited to participate in Senior School music groups.
The Wadhurst Drama Department holds a major school play/production in November each year. Year 7
boys may audition for roles for a Year 7 production normally held at the beginning of Term Three. Many boys
become part of the backstage crew making props, painting scenery, organising lights and audio, etc.
House Activities
House activities are held as a regular part of the timetable with students participating in a full range of
competitions for Cricket, Swimming, Football, Cross Country, Athletics, Personal Development activities etc.
Interschool Sport
Participation in interschool sport is compulsory. In Term 1, boys train on Wednesday morning commencing
at 7.45am. For the remainder of the year they train on Wednesday afternoon from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. They
play matches on (usually) Saturday mornings. Interschool sports on offer at Wadhurst include:
Summer Sport: Cricket, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball
Winter Sport: Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer
Spring Sport (this season is optional): Athletics, Fitness Training, Water Polo
Outdoor Education
All boys will participate in their House groups in the week-long Year 7 Outdoor Education Program held atthe
Robert Knox Camp at Woodend in Term 2. They will partake in hiking, overnight camping, cooking,
mountain bike riding, rock climbing and abseiling.
In their two years at Wadhurst, there are many great activities in which students will be involved with. A
sample includes: Book Week, excursions, English and Mathematics competitions, Science Week, House
activities, Language activities, community awareness and support, Assemblies, Chapel services, fitness
testing, guest speakers and much more!
Further details of all of the above can be found in the Wadhurst Curriculum Handbook, the
Wadhurst Parents’ Handbook and the weekly Melbourne Grammar Parent Bulletin.
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 11
Melbourne Grammar School has always been a leading school in the use of information and communication
technologies by its staff and students. Thirty years ago, we were among the first schools in Australia to
introduce laptop computers on a 1:1 basis in our Year 5 to Year 12 classes. We have continued to ensure
our students have developed their skills and knowledge using the latest and most appropriate devices.
For Year 7 to Year 12 students, the School has adopted a ‘bring your own’ (BYO) ICT device policy. All Year
7 to Year 12 students must bring their IT device with them each day unless instructed otherwise.
The student IT devices are linked to the School’s network. Within our classroom teaching programs, we will
be developing essential skills such as communication, creativity, collaborative content creation, self-directed
learning and new media literacy. All Year 7 students take part in a semester length subject ‘My Digital
World’. Part of this course incorporates cybersafety education.
In November the School’s Director of Information Technology, Mr Peter Curtis, will inform you of the
minimum specific requirements of the IT device for your son. The School will be able to supply appropriate IT
devices to students but parents are free to purchase them elsewhere if you wish. Devices purchased through
the School will be supported via the IT Help Desk, which is in the Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and
Leadership in the Senior School. If parents choose to purchase a device from an alternative supplier, you will
be responsible for repairs and service should that be required.
As part of their regular professional development activities, Wadhurst staff continue to see how best
technology can assist with student learning. Consequently, it is most important that, as a school, we remain
flexible in using appropriate devices in this regard. We look forward to working closely with your son in the
appropriate application of this device in an educational setting.
Yours sincerely,
Greg Caldwell
Head of Wadhurst
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 12
During mid-November you will receive login details to our School Information Systems – MyMGS, CANVAS
and Parent Administration - from the Director of Information Technology.
I ask that as a matter of priority, that you log into Parent Administration prior to the beginning of Term 1 2021
and update your son’s personal details on the My Details tab and the Student Personal Details tab. These
are the details which we have recorded on our database – SYNERGETIC – about you, your child/children
and your family.
I cannot stress too highly the importance of having up-to-date and accurate information about each student
and their family. Should a serious incident or crisis occur and we have outdated or inaccurate information on
our systems, this would hinder our efforts to manage the situation effectively.
Please take time to read the information carefully and, where appropriate, alter it in the space provided on
the screen.
On the My Details tab there are four sections listed on the left had side. Please browse through each section
for yourself and your child/children and click the Edit button on the right hand side to update information
where applicable. When complete, click the Save button.
The Student Personal Details tab holds other information relating to your child. Should you need to update
information on this tab, enter the changes, then click the SUBMIT button located at the bottom of the page. If
your child is becoming a boarder, it is important that you update the Boarding Student Guardian Contact
Details section if necessary. Those changes will then be sent to the Synergetic Systems Manager to update
on the School’s database.
Under the provisions of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 – December 2001, the information
is confidential to the School. However, we do make your name, telephone number/s and email addresses
available to Friends of Grammar for class activity purposes, as well as the Current Parent Contact Lists for
all parents to see, except in cases where you specifically ask us not to – see section on the Student
Personal Details page titled Campus Contact Lists - Parent Authorisation for Inclusion of Contact
If you have not received your login details by the end of November, please do not hesitate to contact the
Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership IT/AV Service Desk on 03 9865 7571 or email
We appreciate the time and effort you spend in helping us to keep our records as accurate as possible.
Yours sincerely,
Greg Caldwell
Head of Wadhurst
Melbourne Grammar School – Wadhurst Transition Information 2020 13
Melbourne Grammar School - Wadhurst
1 Domain Road Melbourne
Victoria 3004 Australia
+61 3 9865 7700
wadhurst a mgs.vic.edu.au
mgs.vic.ed u.au
ABN 61 004 453 829