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o durikah i sanitarah

- Hey George! Haven’t seen you for a while. How are you? And what happened to your arm? It moves kinda strangely.
- Good morning, Daniil! You don't have to worry much: it's just a joint rupture. I fell on ice in Wednesday.
- Oh... I’m sorry for you. Is it okay now? Have you already visited a doctor?
- Thank you very much! It is getting better. Yes, I have visited the hospital immediately. I've been lucky to be consulted by a truly good specialist.
- Yes, it is really luck. Unfortunately, I had an experience visiting an unqualified doctor who made the wrond diagnosis which resulted in a disease complication.
What do you think is the reason that such “doctors” actually work in hospitals?
- I am afraid it is connected with the lack of staff nowadays. Salaries of doctors are ridiculously low and young generation is less motivated to study medicine in universities. This is why most of stuff is in continuous dejection as it appeared to be in your case. I believe that right after the funding is increased, the situation will get better.
- Well, speaking about salaries, some professionals can get to the top of life thanks to their work, but quite often the ability to hold such a position is just good luck and it may not depend on your skills. There are lots of stories when russian doctors of different spheres of medicine immigrated in foreign countries, striving for better life, had a retraining program and found a well-paid job. Actually, many teens don’t find it perspective to become a man of medicine, due to such factors as the length of education, which can take up to 18 years, and low chances of applying this knowledge to convert your spent time to money.
- Well, the funding of russian medicine is not as low as you may expect it to be. In contrast, all those sums are very impressive. The problem is, all these money are mostly going to fund Moscow hospitals, and the extreme centralization of our country is the reason. However, it is incredible to imagine that there are still plenty of people who decide to devote their life to saving people in regions. I believe that these men and women are the people of the highest grade. I hope that as soon as the situation with fundings changes for the better, we will have a great structure of healthcare in our country with its quality and its specialists that will reverse the trend and surpass many others for around the world.