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Acceleration Notes

Rate of change of _________________.
When the __________ of an object ___________ the object is __________________
Acceleration is change in its _____________, _________________, or _____________
*An object _____________ ____________ is also acceleration
REMINDER!!! velocity is change
in speed and direction
Speed-Time Graph
REMINDER!!! distance-time
graph shows speed
Objects traveling in __________ __________ the ___________ is __________________
Calculating Acceleration
Acceleration (
) = _____________ (_____)
time (in seconds)
REMINDER!!! acceleration can
be a negative number
Change in velocity= ______ velocity - ______ velocity
Example: A skateboarder has an initial velocity of 3m/s west and comes to a stop in 2s.
What is the skateboarder's acceleration?
Centripetal Acceleration
acceleration towards the ______ of a _________ or ________ path
speed remains constant
accelerating because direction is changing
velocity perpendicular to inward acceleration
Change in direction of velocity is towards the center
Projectile Motion
curves downward
__________ & ___________ motion
hand - horizontal velocity
gravity - downward acceleration
Throwing v. Dropping
Will land at same time
Travel same vertical distance in same amount of time
Ball thrown travels a greater horizontal distance