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Urban Legends Sociology Assignment

The Urban
Legend of
University in
Springfield MO
Kloe Deaver
The Theory of The Girl Who Burned Alive
In 1996 Smith Hall, a women's dormitory was built in an area that used to be called home to several old
Victorian houses. In one of the old vintage homes lived a little girl who was caught on fire when she wanted
to retrieve her teddy bear. According to stories she still roams the halls trying to search for her teddy bear.
Many students has claimed to see her dressed in pink and walking the halls and others have reported to
take pictures. Students would return to their door to see their locked door standing wide open and dresser
drawers pulled out of their dressers and a teddy bear sitting in the center of the room. A student tells a
story of an unused telephone stored in a closet that would ring during the night with no source of power.
Of course the doors and the ringing of the telephone could just be a prankster trying to scare some people
and there have been reports of someone entering and existing others dorm rooms while out but could this
really be a prankster or could it be the little girl in the pink dress?
My opinion
In my opinion i believe that this urban legend could very much so be true. I find it compelling and
coincidental that there have been picture and other reports proving that this legend isn't just a legend and
that the university was built on a Indian burial ground and over the remains of old victorian houses.