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LNG Complex, Bonny Island,
River State, Nigeria
+234 (0)84 232900
7 Abacha Road
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Israel OKOLI
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00:00:00- 09. September 2022 10:00:00
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30. August 2023
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30. August 2023
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LNG Complex, Bonny Island,
River State, Nigeria
+234 (0)84 232900
Terms and Conditions
E1 - BID CLOSING DATE: The deadline for submission of bids for this Request for Quotation (RFx) is as indicated in the RFx. This
date is also indicated on the email sent to you.
Requirements as defined hereunder and / or in the technical requisition package attached. Documentation where specified is an
integral part of the scope of supply and shall be provided by Seller.
The Seller's quotation must comply with the requirements of this Enquiry. Any deviations from or alternatives to the requirements,
either technical or commercial, should be clearly stated.
EA3 - Please note that where a manufacturer or brand has been specified for the above material(s) AND for all materials of a
technical nature where there is no manufacturer or brand specified, it is mandatory to provide a copy of the manufacturer’s source
EA4 - It is a requirement of Standard Organization of Nigeria that SONCAP regulated products are certified prior to export into
Nigeria. Seller shall ensure that the bid price include all costs associated with obtaining either “Product Certification” or "SONCAP
Certification" of the material(s). Further information can be obtained at these sites http://www.exports2nigeria.com and
EB1.02 - Your Bid submission BOTH Technical and Commercial must be made ONLINE via the NLNG supplier portal which is
accessible via the link contained in the email body that contained this RFx. Please do NOT send in Hard Copy Paper bids as these
will NOT be considered.
Quotations shall be in English and shall be valid for at least 60 days from the date the bid is sent. Itemised unit prices and ALL
necessary pricing conditions contained in the RFX should be filled in.
Mandatory documents to be attached are
- Technical and Commercial Source documents
- Bid Return Sheet
EB1.03 Vendor is required to utilize the "PARTCIPATE / DO NOT PARTICIPATE" Buttons on the RFx to indicate their intentions to
bid or abstain from this RFx. Please note however that even if you initially chose DO NOT PARTICIPATE, you may still send in a bid
within the bid period should you decide otherwise.
Vendors' quotation shall be in the stipulated currency / currencies of the RFx which may be Nigerian Naira, Currency of Country of
origin or US Dollars or any other currency indicated on the RFx.
EB2.01: ALL ADDITIONAL COSTS (e.g. Handling, documentation, transportation and all other costs, mark-ups, etc.): Where these
pricing conditions are clearly separated in the RFx, Vendor shall be required to itemize these cost element however where this
requirement is NOT indicated then Vendor should include them in the Unit prices for uniformity.
EB2.03: Vendor should utilize the "NOTES and ATTACHMENTS" Tab on the RFx to provide any additional details such as Source
Documents, OEM Contact Details, References etc.
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LNG Complex, Bonny Island,
River State, Nigeria
+234 (0)84 232900
EB5 - DELIVERY PERIOD: The Seller shall state the shortest realistic delivery date for the items on the RFx.
E1.01 - COMPLIANCE WITH GOVERNING LAWS: - In the event that Vendor's bid is successful and a purchase order is issued, the
vendor shall in the performance of this contractual obligation, comply with all applicable laws and government rules and regulations.
E1.02 - NLNG STATEMENTS OF BUSINESS PRINCIPLES AND CODE OF CONDUCT - The attention of the seller is drawn to
NLNG statement of business principles, details of these business principles and code of conduct are on our public internet
E1.03a- To report incidents of violation of NLNG ABC Policy, please use the NLNG Ethics and Compliance hotlines listed below:
Telephone: 01-2717810
Email: tip-offs@deloitte.com.ng
Website: www.tip-offs.deloitte.com.ng
E1.03b - Kindly ensure you provide detailed information of the incident as well as applicable references to the transaction in
question e.g. NLNG enquiry number.
To ensure anonymity and credibility, please note that the above contacts are operated by a credible external third party.
Your identity is not required in your report; in addition, please note also that the Ethics and Compliance Hotline is not a complaint
EC - PRICES: Quoted prices shall be firm and fixed for the duration of any Purchase Order resulting from this RFx.
EM1.09 In the event of issuance of a Purchase Order, NLNG reserves the right to award for full or partial scope and / or quantities of
items specified for which supplier's bid price shall remain valid.
EF2: If you do not receive a purchase order from Nigeria LNG within thirty working days after the bid closing date, please consider
that your quote was not favourable. Thus there is no further need to contact the Company regarding your enquiry.
PC1.02: Please note that in the event of issuance of a Purchase Order, Vendor will be required to provide her Tax Identification
Number (TIN) as a requirement for payment of Invoice.
This TIN should be clearly stated on the Delivery Note(s) and Invoice(s) for payment.
Please note that this is a STATUTORY requirement and Invoices submitted without these requirements will not be processed for
EB4 - PAYMENT TERMS / CONDITIONS: Nett 30 Days, defined as a single payment 30 days after acceptance by Purchaser of a
correctly presented invoice and after completion of all the requirements of the purchase order.
EB4.03a Please note that for deliveries made to any of the NLNG Locations in Nigeria (including but not limited to Lagos, Port Harcourt,
Bonny, Abuja), payment(s) shall be made in Naira. Consequently, quotations for such proposed deliveries shall be in Naira. As a
standard, Payment(s) will be made in foreign currency for Ex-Works deliveries ONLY. Payment(s) will NOT be made in foreign
currency for deliveries within Nigeria unless Foreign Currency is expressly stated as acceptable in the Purchase Enquiry
EB4.03b -NLNG reserves the right to pay in local currency (NGN) for all deliveries made in Nigeria and invoiced in foreign currency
unless Foreign Currency is expressly stated as acceptable in the Purchase Enquiry. Such payments will be made on conversion of
the invoice amount to NGN at the exchange rate on the invoice date.
EB4.01: NLNG makes Value Added Tax (VAT) payments on Invoice value in accordance with government regulations (currently,
NLNG remits VAT directly to the Tax Authorities) and invoices are subject to deduction of Withholding Tax (WHT) at the prevailing
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LNG Complex, Bonny Island,
River State, Nigeria
+234 (0)84 232900
rates, currently 7.5%. SELLER is expected to provide NLNG the Tax identification number (TIN).
EM1.08 DISCLOSURE TO THIRD PARTIES: - Please note that this RFx is a confidential document intended only for the recipient
to whom it is addressed and is not transferrable either in whole or in part. If you do not intend to send an offer against this RFx,
kindly click on the "DO NOT PARTICIPATE" button on the RFx and take no further action.
EB5.011 - ASBESTOS MATERIALS: In compliance with company standards the purchase of equipment containing asbestos
materials is restricted. The seller in his quotation should only offer equipment which does not contain any asbestos products.
EK- General Conditions: Any Purchase Order resulting from this Enquiry will be subject to NLNG General Conditions of Purchase
dated June 2014. Copies available on request.
Other Terms and Conditions
Delivery shall be Ex-works, ready packed for sea/airfreight.
EB2.04- DELIVERY TERMS: Quoted prices shall be based on Goods delivered ex-works, with pick-up from a single location only
and ready packed for air/sea freight.
EB2.05: ~Note: We have an appointed freight forwarder in Europe dealing with all import docs and transport of the goods to Nigeria,
except for the following areas: Asia (including China), South America, Russia and other CIS (C' wealth of Independent State
EB2.06- DELIVERY TERMS: Quoted prices shall be based on Goods delivered free NLNG ISB, Warehouse, Port-Harcourt.
EB5.01: The Seller shall take due account of any requirements for approval of design documentation, and should allow 15 working
days from receipt for review / approval by the Purchaser.
EB5.02: The quotation shall include a proposed production schedule detailing all activities necessary to complete the Purchase
Order requirements; factory shutdowns and public holidays shall be clearly shown.
EB6 - PRODUCTION SCHEDULE: Any Purchase Order resulting from this Enquiry will be subject to expediting by the Purchaser or
his Nominee.
EB6.01: It will be a condition the Seller provides a production schedule updated on a regular basis to reflect progress. The
production schedule should include all activities necessary to complete the Purchase Order requirements.
EB7 : INSPECTION/QUALITY CONTROL PLAN: A Purchase Order resulting from this Enquiry will be subject to Shop Inspection
by an Inspection Order which will be carried out by an inspection agency nominated and controlled by the Purchaser.
EB7.01:~Right of access to the Seller's works (and those of sub-sellers) shall be provided to representatives of both the nominated
inspection agency and the Purchaser. The Purchaser shall be responsible for the inspection company's costs.
EB7.02: Inspection will be carried out in accordance with and for compliance to PO requirements, specified standards, codes on any
specific requirements called for in this Enquiry.
EB7.03: It will be a condition of a Purchase Order that the Seller shall submit a Quality Control Plan for approval by the nominated
inspection agency, within two weeks of receipt of the Purchase Order.
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LNG Complex, Bonny Island,
River State, Nigeria
+234 (0)84 232900
EB7.04: INSPECTION CERTIFICATES/TEST REPORTS: It will be a condition of any Purchase Order resulting from this enquiry
that goods supplied shall be accompanied by test report/inspection certificate to ISO 10474 _______.
ED - MANUFACTURING LOCATIONS: The Seller is to include in his quotation the addresses of all manufacturing / testing locations
he intends to use for the supply of any goods resulting from this enquiry.
EF: If Materials are to be sourced abroad SUPPLIER shall attach a copy of Manufacturer's quotation giving the necessary technical
specification including drawings (where applicable) that conform to our specifications.
EF1: ~ Non compliance with this may result in your bid not being considered.
EG - BUY-BACK OPTION : In the event of a Purchase Order resulting from this Enquiry, it is expected that any unused chemical
shall be returned to the Purchaser;credit due to Purchaser's account shall be computed on basis of the pre-agreed buy-back rate.
EG1.01: ~ Seller shall arrange to collect the chemicals from NLNG ISB Warehouse, Port-Harcourt upon advise by the Purchaser.
EG1.02: ~Buy-Back Conditions shall therefore be offered with the Quotation.
EG1.03 - In the event of a Purchase Order resulting from this enquiry, it is expected that goods shall be accompanied by a Material
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Certificate of Analysis (CoA).
EH: In the event of an order, it is expected that goods supplied shall have a shelf life of at least ________ from the date of delivery.
This information shall be taken into consideration in your sourcing and pricing for the enquiry.
In the event of a purchase order, it shall be expected that Cylinders shall be properly painted and legibly marked with the date of the
last hydrostatic pressure test which shall not exceed more than 5 years.
EI1.01: ~The surface shall show no sign of corrosion. Cylinders shall also be accompanied by copy of material Inspection certificate
to ISO 10474-3.1B.
EI1.02: ~CAPPING CYLINDERS: In the event of a purchase order, it shall be expected that Cylinders shall be firmly capped to
prevent accidental discharge of contents or de-pressurization during handling and transportion.
EJ: The Seller shall ensure any equipment offered is of current design and manufacture and the spare parts therefore offered are
available for the envisaged life of the equipment.
EL - Attachments
As applicable.
EM1.01Prices shall be based on Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) ISB, Nigeria LNG Ltd, Port Harcourt.
1. All materials on this enquiry shall be delivered to ISB Warehouse, Nigeria LNG Ltd, Port Harcourt.
Attention: Logistics Coordinator (CPM/34)
Tel ext. 5030
EM1.03 4. NLNG shall not entertain any post-bid request for price variation resulting from the bidders' failure to comply with the
instructions in (1) - (3) above.
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LNG Complex, Bonny Island,
River State, Nigeria
+234 (0)84 232900
EM1.04 For items sourced from overseas you must submit the stamped customs bill of entry (yellow copy) together with the goods
on delivery. This will be checked by the Warehouse and Logistic Coordinator (CPM/34) at the ISB, and any discrepancies will
EM1.05 The supplier shall assume full and exclusive liability for payment of all taxes, DUTIES, LEVIES, FISCAL CONTRIBITIONS
AND OTHER CHARGES, including but not limited to personal income taxes, property taxes, capital gains taxes, pensions,
insurance contract.
EM1.06 Except where provided otherwise in the Local Purchase Order, the Supplier shall be responsible for the payment of any and
all import duties which are levied in connection with GOODS and/or SERVICES, the GOODS or any part thereof. Such duties shall