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Dans Notes from The Grant Cardone 10X Event

About These Notes
On July 13th, 2022, I received a text from a friend of mine by the name
of Steve Harward. He let me know Grant Cardone was holding a private
event at his offices where he wanted to invite the best Internet
marketers and online influencers in the world into one room, so he
could learn from us.
People like Garrett J. White, Brian Page, Tanner Chidester, Cole Gordon,
Rudy Mawer, Jason Fladlien, Stormy Wellington and so so so so many
To my surprise, I was invited. Apparently the Legendary Pete Vargas
put my name down as a MUST ATTEND. (Which I found super flattering
to be honest. Still don’t know how I made the cut.)
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
In order to make it worth our time, he not only paid for everything, but
he took us out on a $150M yacht, spent $100,000 on a fireworks show
just to entertain us, provided food and alcohol the entire time….
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
Oh, and he even took us on a ride in his $7 million helicopter.
All that wining and dining aside, the best part was that he spent two
days teaching us how he built a $1 billion business. He even opened up
three hours of Q&A each day and we could ask him anything he
I myself have only made $30 million in this industry, so I felt like a small
piece of cosmic dust in that room. So I decided to feverishly take notes
on everything he said.
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
These are those notes.
However there is only so much that can be explained in a bullet point
list, so I recorded a two hour video where I went through each point
and went into detail on what he said, why it was so important, exactly
how to do it.
I call it the 10X Notes Masterclass, and you can grab a copy here.
The truth is, 99.9% of this industry did not get invited to that room.
There were only about 50 of us. And it was all free. We didn’t have to
pay a dime.
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
We had to earn the right to get in that room. For me it was building an 8
figure online business, and for a few other attendees, it was building a
massive brand like this gentleman I met named Timbaland.
The fact is, if you haven’t done something extremely big, you didn’t get
invited to that room. And if you don’t eventually do something big, you’ll
never get invited to a room like that.
However the information I shared in the 10X Notes Masterclass, is
exactly what you need to fast track your journey to doing big things, so
you can get invited to rooms like that.
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
I spent a lot of time taking these notes and cleaning them up so you
could have them for free, because I feel bad keeping this gold all to
You can find the notes below, and if you think someone else could
benefit from these, instead of sending this PDF to them, send them
here so when they download it, they can get some follow-up emails
from me that include some amazing additional information I learned at
the event.
I hope these notes serve you, and help you grow your business.
Dan Henry
WARNING: Some of these notes contain profanity. Let’s be real, most of what was discussed
revolved around selling. You kind of need thick skin in that game. So if you don’t like adult
language, you may not want to feast your virgin eyes on these notes. (and potentially lose millions)
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
Dan’s Notes from Grant Cardone 10X Mastermind
● Biggest Mistake - Not repeating successes. Look at your past
wins, and do them again. People will buy the same thing 2, 3 even
4 times. Promote new events the same way as old. Don’t get
creative, repeat successes.
● People will know you for your work ethic or won't know you at
all. Win, lose or draw, always showcase your grind and people will
love you.
● Don’t wait till the end of a webinar to pitch. Just pitch right
away, then give value, then pitch again. Most of your hyperactive
buyers would have bought, but will not stick around that long to
wait for the pitch. Get the money.
● People that don't have time have the most money. This is a
continuation of the previous note, but remains true in all forms of
sales and marketing even past webinars.
● You want to be a big deal, do big things. Put on a show. Go
overboard. Be obnoxious about it. Make it a spectacle. Bigger=
● Split testing is bullshit. 90% of people decide what they are
going to do just by skimming your page, so split testing long from
copy especially is a waste of time, as you are only split testing the
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
5 or 10% of people that will actually read it. Stick with main
angles, concepts or headlines.
● Always say this is the best. Whenever promoting or describing
something you offer or sell, always say it’s the best even if it’s
arguable that it isn’t. Best is subjective, so to NOT say it’s the best
just shows a lack of confidence, not data.
● Whatever you resent is exactly what you should be doing. If
you HATE doing something, it’s probably the exact thing you
should be doing because you KNOW it’s what will break you
through to the next level. (I go deep on this in the video, this one
was worth the entire trip.)
● Collaboration will make FAR more money than competition. You
want others to win. Talk good about your peers AND competitors.
There are enough customers for everyone and 20% of customers
cross buy.
● Do more webinars and make the offer earlier. Whether it’s
webinars, challenges, books, virtual events… just do more of it. If
you are tired or burnt out, realize that’s not true and that you are
simply uninspired. Also make the offer earlier in all forms of
● You have to convert, it's only when you convert you serve.
Most people are afraid to sell or follow up. They think it’s gross to
be “salesy” or “pushy”. But if your stuff is good, they need it and
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
THAT is how you serve them. Sell, sell, sell, followup follow up
follow up. Cram success down their throats.
● People that complain the most didn't buy. Stop worried about
negative feedback. It’s mostly from people that didn’t buy, so fuck
‘em. If people that DID buy give you negative feedback, address
and correct it immediately.
● You need to oversell the event to fill the event (15%). If you are
selling tickets to a live event, especially in person, always over sell
by at LEAST 15% because a lot of people won't show, and the
WORST thing you can have is empty seats. It just looks bad, bad
optics. You ALWAYS want to have to turn some people away
because you over-sold. Give them free tickets to the next one if
you have to, but ALWAYS over sell. Also, DO NOT DO BOGO. Most
of the “get one” seats will be empty.
● When you set a target you have to exceed it. This is a
continuation of the previous note, but in a more general sense.
Always EXCEED what you claim or say you will do publicly. If you
set a target privately, it’s not a big deal if you don’t hit it. But you
better EXCEED it if you made the claim publicly.
● When trying to achieve a target, the closer the target is, the
more updates you need. If you are trying to sell 100 spots into
XYZ, and it’s a month away, getting the updates frequently,
especially as you get closer to the deadline will motivate you AND
the team to get your asses in gear. Stay alert.
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
● Assume no one knows what is going on. Operations inside a
company is the hardest part of business, and no matter how good
you are, it never goes smoothly. People always miss things,
information or fail to communicate. ALWAYS assume no one
knows WTF is going on and communicate as if that were true,
because it is true!
● No one saw your ad, copy, message or promo. 99% of people
didn't see it fully read it or least of all, retain it. Do it again. Do it
with a different shirt on. Send it again. Sell it again. Repeat repeat
repeat. Do & use the same thing over and over because no one
saw it DO IT AGAIN.
● Grant shut down a $5M a year offer to make $150M. Sometimes
you have to shut something down or remake it because it’s not
designed for scale or it’s a distraction to growth. Don’t be afraid to
do so. (For instance, we shut down our infoproducts in order to
focus on our sales management agency.)
● It's not harder to run a bigger company, it's easier. This one was
GOLD. Most people think scaling, hiring more people and growing
is HARDER. More employees must mean more stress right?
WRONG. It means less. Why? Because you have more people to
do shit for you. DUH! Grant literally does nothing except shoot
videos here and there. The belief it’s harder is just nonsense.
● Marketing is senior to sales. Everything revolves around
marketing. Marketing gives sales an opportunity to sell, and
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
makes it easier TO sell. Allocate time and resources to marketing
before anything else.
● Keep changing who you are to the public. By continuously
reinventing yourself, you bring in new audiences, keep existing
ones interested, and connect on a deeper level with your people.
● Whoever markets the best wins the game. The most eyeballs
win every time. Even if your product is not better than your
competition, if your marketing is better, you win.
● “Are you tired of missing sales” best ad. This was Grant’s best
ad angle ever. (I go into extreme depth on this and how you can
replicate it, even if you don’t sell a “business” product, in this
● You always have to give up something to get to the next stage
of growth. Whether it’s products, your personal time with
customers, control, or even equity, you will ALWAYS have to give
something up to get to the next level.
● All assets become liabilities at some point. You become so
good at something it becomes a liability. Everything you are good
at will eventually cause problems. Good employees can become
liabilities, so can personal brands. Knowing how to address it
when it happens is key.
● Stop looking for 1 rockstar and start looking for ten people
1/10th’s as good as you. You will NEVER find someone as good
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
as you, and if you hire 10 people that are 10% as good as you, you
have more infrastructure, less risk when one person moves on,
and more support. Plus you don’t rely purely on a few talented
people to grow your company. (I always say, talent does not grow
companies, systems grow companies.)
● Whatever the universe gives you, use it. Don’t EVER get down
on yourself if a bad situation comes your way. Use it. Grant had to
evacuate his office once due to a hurricane, which would be a
huge inconvenience and would surely cost him sales, so he filmed
a promo for a “Hurricane Sale” showing all the inventory that
needed to get sold so it wouldn’t get blown away by the
● Whether you win or lose you have to promote that you won.
This doesn’t mean lie about your results, it means frame it in a
way that you got a positive result. Always say you got a win out of
the situation or that you got what you wanted.
● You have to brag about what you do. One definition of humility in
the dictionary is, “Someone that thinks of themselves as low
importance”. You can be humble in real life, but online you have to
brag about what you do in some way or another to attract people
that want the same thing. It’s just the way it works. Even people
who have “extremely humble brands“ are still doing the same
thing, they’re just doing it in a way that seems humble but in
reality they’re still bragging. Don’t buy into the idea that you
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
shouldn’t show off. You can choose the style in which you show
off, but you have to show off.
● Get your seat not your ticket. When selling tickets to a live event
never say ticket, always say seat. No one wants a ticket, they
want a seat!
● Want a refund? Excellent, we are here just for you (open call).
When someone ask for a refund it’s the best opportunity for a
sales call. Always say, “Excellent we are here just for you” at the
very beginning of the call. Use this as an opportunity to tap into
their pain just like any other sales call and sell them something
more expensive. Most of the time people are disappointed with
the product not because the product is poor, but because they
didn’t buy the level of service they really needed. Sell it to them. (I
once used this to turn a $10,000 refund into a $55,000 sale, and
the guy was ANGRY. I go into detail on how I did this, and how
you can replicate it for your refund in this video.)
● Most people don't want to get bigger because they think they
will break along the way. Most people think that as they get
bigger they will break down or not be able to handle the pressure.
For some this is true. That’s what separates winners from losers,
those that can handle the pressure. But the truth is the pressure
isn’t anywhere near as much as you think it is, your anticipation of
the pressure is far worse.
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
● #1 thing to grow an organization is to fire people. Fire before
you replace. Make it a hole. If you want to grow your organization,
you must fire people constantly and always fire people before you
replace them. Do not try to hire someone new before you fire.
Create a hole and fill the hole. Fire first and replace second.
● Make a list of people who are assets and liabilities and fire the
liabilities. This one really speaks for itself.
● You can't get quality without quantity. The only way to improve
the quality of products is to increase the quality of customers.
You have to sell a lot of something to make enough money to
build a team and infrastructure that can make good products. Sell
more, get bigger, grow your team and you will be able to make
better products.
● Best qualified customers are not followers, they are voyeurs.
They are the people that never comment, they just watch. Don’t
think because you only get a few comments, people aren’t
● Money won't buy happiness but it can buy everything else,
including good people. Enough said.
● No way I was gonna work for anyone again so I learned to sell.
Grant said that he hated working for others, so he spent several
years learning to sell. He didn’ mind working for someone if he
was SELLING, because he was developing a skill that would
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
eventually help him do and grow his own company. But he paid
his dues and developed that skill FIRST. (If you don’t have a
business, and want to make at least 6 figures, AND learn to sell,
go here.)
● The ability to take hundreds of “NOs” is #1. If you can’t take 100
people telling you no, you don’t deserve to get a yes. Resiliency is
the number one trait a successful entrepreneur has to have. If you
give up after a few NOs, you will never succeed at anything.
Develop resiliency.
● 2 things to grow a biz, context and contrast. You need to put
out content and marketing that has the right context that makes
sense to your customer, BUT, you have to do it in different ways
with different people so there is contrast. This is similar to Alex
Hormozi‘s advice that the easiest way to grow your audience is to
hire spokespeople that look different than you. White people
generally buy from white people. Black people buy from Black
people. Women buy from women. Muscular people buy from other
muscular people. Moms buy from moms. It’s just the way it is. You
need to attract more people that don’t look like you.
● Hire for attitude, train for results. When hiring, you can always
teach somebody to get a result, but you can’t teach someone to
have an attitude. Make the attitude the priority and you can
always train for the step-by-step.
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
● I ain’t paying you to make a list, pick up that fucking phone.
Grant makes sales a number one priority. If his assistant is getting
him lunch, and she could be responding to a text that could bring
the company money, he says fuck his lunch, go get the money.
One time his number one guy Jarrod, was making a list of all the
leads he could call and was spending a couple hours doing it.
Grant walked by and asked what he was doing. He said, “Making
a list of old leads”. Grant said, “I don’t pay you to make lists, I pay
you to sell. Pick up the fucking phone.” (He did this in a funny/nice
way, don’t get it twisted.)
● Mental wealth < mental health. If you don’t focus on keeping
your mind healthy you’ll never get your mind wealthy and you’ll
never become physically wealthy.
● Find the one you trust and build an empire. The best way to
build an empire is to find a partner you trust and build it together.
It will be very difficult to build something if you and your romantic
partner are not in alignment. (This was from Elena’s Q&A)
● It starts in the bedroom and ends in the bedroom, the empire is
built in between. Expanding on the previous note, you have to
have sex a lot and maintain intimacy in the relationship. Fuck in
the morning, build your business, and fuck at night. Keep fucking.
(LMAO I may have read in between the lines on this one so I’m not
quoting Grant or Elena, but that’s what I got out of it.)
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
● More than money back guarantee. Grant talked about this one
quickly, but I believe he said when you offer a money back
guarantee, you tell the customer that even if you give them their
money back, that doesn’t pay for their waste of time. So offer
their money back plus some more money to make it a strong
guarantee. (I believe this really depends on the context of the
product. Be careful with this one.)
● Pretend you are in trial for a murder you didn’t commit. Validate
your stuff more. When marketing, you have to do everything you
can to prove what you are saying is true. Show proof. (One time
early in my career, people just didn’t believe I was making that
much money and could show them how, so I took a picture of my
online banking and showed $1 million in cash in the bank. That
shut people up real quick.)
● I’ve been in your shoes over and over and over. When marketing
to your audience, it’s super easy to become disconnected and not
relatable, especially as you grow and get more successful. Always
mention that you have been in their shoes and keep mentioning it
over and over and over and over.
● Best customers hate you first. You can always change a first
impression. Many of your best customers will honestly dislike you
at first. (This has been extremely true for me. A lot of people don’t
like my wild and crazy marketing, but eventually they buy and end
up loving my stuff.) Grant doesn’t believe that first impressions
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes
are everything, because a first impression can always be
changed. What matters is that you made an impression.
● The best customers are the ones that believe in themselves.
It’s hard to sell someone that does not believe in themselves, but
when you come across someone that does, use that confidence
to sell them. If someone thinks they are awesome, show them
how your products will support that awesomeness and play to
their ego. This one is hard to explain on paper, but honestly has
helped me close more deals than I can remember. I go into vivid
detail on how to do this (and even give you a script you can use)
in the 10X Notes Masterclass.
Dan Henry’s 10X Mastermind Notes