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ANHS-BE conducts LAC Session,
PSDS Sugay monitors, commends
by: Jenerwin T. Contillo
Amulung NHS-Baculud Extension
The Amulung National High School – Baculud Extension (ANHS-BE) conducted its Learning Action Cell
(LAC) Session on Online Classroom Tools on November 16, 2021 held at the school’s computer laboratory
in lieu of the Division Webinar on the said session which was conducted by the Schools Division Office
of Cagayan thru its proponent, Dr. Chelo Tangan, Officer-In-Charge Assistant Schools Division
Mrs. Joanna F. De La Cruz, Junior High School (JHS) Science teacher, Mrs. Edelyn T. Candelario, JHS
Social Science teacher, and Mrs. Audrey Rose B. Dela Cruz, Senior High School (SHS) Health Optimizing
Physical Education teacher proposed and designed the activities of the LAC session and acted as facilitators
and speakers of the said activity. The activity, as presented by the proponents, aimed to capacitate more
the teachers on the use of online classroom tools through workshops and simulations and appreciate their
use in conducting online classes.
Ms. Olivella B. Lim, Master Teacher II/Officer-In-Charge, opened the activity with her inspirational
remarks. She also challenged the teachers to use whatever possible technological applications which can
be used in the conduct of online classes as supplementary instruction on the modular distance learning
modality that the school has adopted.
“There are actually a lot of technological applications. You just have to explore and embrace those
blessings from technology. Time-to-time, you will be used with them and surely your students will enjoy,”
added Lim.
Mrs. De La Cruz introduced Wordwall and Jamboard, Mrs. Candelario introduced Classpoint, and Mrs
Dela Cruz introduced Slido, respectively. The speakers discussed the features of the applications as well
as facilitated the step-by-step process in using the apps. After which, they scouted teachers to do the return
demonstration on the use of the apps in the afternoon session.
Ms. Donalyne M. Agacaoili, Filipino Volunteer Teacher (VT), demonstrated the skills she gained on
Classpoint; Ms. Christinely M. Mundoc, Social Science VT, demonstrated on Slido; Mrs. Fe Cecilla M.
Reyes, TLE VT, demonstrated on WordWall; and Ms. Saturnina V. Tumaliuan, SHS Math Teacher,
demonstrated on Jamboard.
On the other hand, Dr. Alice M. Sugay, Public Schools District Supervisor of Amulung East District,
congratulated the teacher-demonstrators for sharing their learnings from the activity. She also commended
the school for being the first school in the district to conduct the LAC Session on Online Classroom Tools.
“Your school will always be in my heart. I am so happy to have been always invited in all your activities.
You will always be my love – my family, my friends, my relatives. Congratulations, ANHS-BE faculty
and staff for always keeping on track with the department’s activities,” Dr. Sugay added.
The session ended with the awarding of certificates of recognition to the speakers and the demonstrators,
and certificates of participation to the teacher-participants.
Q AND A TO QA. PSDS Dr. Alice M.
Sugay interviewed the school head and the
proponent of the LAC Session and asked
about the technicalities of the classroom