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Everything You
Need to Know
About Estidama
Are you wondering what an Estidama certification is and why the Abu Dhabi government places
such a high value on it?
Let’s go over what this means for your project.
Estidama, founded in Abu Dhabi, is a building design methodology for more sustainable
building and community construction and operation. It is a certification system developed by the
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) that is derived from the Arabic word for
“sustainability”. It intends to establish a framework for measuring sustainability performance
beyond the typical planning and construction phases.
Estidama is a key aspect of the “Abu Dhabi Vision 2030” to construct the emirate in accordance
with innovative green standards. It ensures that sustainability is constantly addressed from four
distinct perspectives: environmental, economic, social, and cultural.
What is the Pearl Rating System?
The Pearl Building Rating System (PRS) is a green building rating system within Estidama that is
used to evaluate sustainable building development practices in Abu Dhabi.
The Pearl Building Rating system, which was established in 2010, is now mandatory in Abu
Dhabi. All buildings/villas must have at least one Pearl Rating, and all government-funded
buildings must have at least two Pearl Ratings.
The Pearl Rating System is made up of three different rating systems.
Building rating system (PBRS),
Villa rating system (PVRS) and
Community rating system (PCRS);
The PRS addresses all aspects of sustainability, including energy and water use, material use,
both indoor and outdoor environments, and innovation strategies.
The Pearl Rating System is divided into eight categories, each with a set of required and optional
criteria that can be adjusted depending on the use of the building:
Process of Integrated Development (9 criteria)
Natural processes (7 criteria)
Outdoor livable structures (13 criteria)
Indoor livable structures (19 criteria)
Crystal – clear water (8 criteria)
Resourceful energy (10 criteria)
Material stewardship (18 criteria)
Practice that is innovative (2 criteria)
How do I get to be certified?
Are you interested in learning how to become an Estidama-certified engineer? The Pearl Assessor and Pearl
Qualified Professional (PQP) are team members involved in the pearl rating assessment. The Pearl Assessor
is in charge of submitting the necessary documents. During the various project stages, the PQP oversees the
pearl rating process. The PQP is responsible for understanding the PRS demands, assisting the rating process,
and ensuring the quality and authenticity of documents before submitting them to the authority for
To become a PQP, an individual must pass an exam that assesses administrative and technical knowledge of
the Pearl Rating Systems.
The PQP’s responsibilities will be as follows:
Understand the requirements of the Pearl Rating Systems and related Guides.
Make the rating process easier;
and Check documents for quality before submitting them to Estidama.
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