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1. Media act as channels of information and knowledge through which citizens
communicate with each other and make informed decisions.
- This shows to us that the media is really important to the public's decision. Because of this, it's
important that media sources not just supply information but also information that is accurate.
2. Media facilitate informed debates between diverse social actors.
- The media provide forums for communicating different perspectives in discussions. Multiple
perspectives must be presented to the public thru the media in order for us to be able to make informed
opinions regarding issues of personal or societal interest.
3. Media provide us with much of what we learn about the world beyond our
immediate experience.
- For us to be more aware of our own activities and of how the world is changing, the purpose of the
media is to give us information that transcends our senses Issues that were formerly of national concern
4. Media are means by which a society learns about itself and builds a sense of
- It would be challenging for us without the media to understand that we are a part of something
greater than our surroundings and personal experiences.
5. Media function as a watchdog of government in all its forms, promoting
transparency in public life and public scrutiny of those with power through
exposing corruption, maladministration and corporate wrong-doing.
- it defends citizens' rights and democracy. Investigative journalism is a good example since it often
deals with issues that show the wrongdoings of public officials.