Lesson Plan Grade 7

Lesson Plan
Week 4
Teacher – Rahul Ranjan
Class - Grade 6
Subject - Spanish
Day - Monday
Date – 5/9/2022
Time – 10:30 – 11:15 am
Topic: Las profesiones
Background for the lesson:
Talking about different professions in Spanish language: In this lesson students will learn vocabulary
related to different professions through picture.
This lesson will help learners to build vocabulary related to different professions and form sentences
using vocabulary related to professions with the verb ser.
Learning Objective:
 Students will be able to ask someone’s profession and tell what they do.
 Students will be able to learn the use of the verb ser to talk about profession.
Learning outcomes:
At the end of the lesson student will be able to read, write, speak, and understand vocabulary related to
professions in Spanish Language. They can also enquire and answer the question about profession or
Methodology: Audio-Visual method will be used to teach this lesson. Learners will see
pictures on the big-screen, and they will identify the profession by looking at the pictures in
slide. In the end, they will be given worksheets of match the following as a part of individual
activity and a quiz as a group activity.
Activity: Individual and group.
Total duration (45 Min)
Power Point Presentation (20 Min): Students will be able to learn Important vocabulary related to
profession through pictures. They will also learn how to do conjugation of a verb ser and use it to
enquire and answer about profession.
Informal assessment:
1. Type: Quiz - Match the following
Time: 10 min
Aim: Vocabulary building
Activity type: Group
2. Worksheet Type: identify the profession by asking question.
Time: 10 min
Aim: Making enquiries
Activity type: indivisual
Doubt clearing session (5 min): In the end, students will have chance to ask questions and clear their
doubts related to the topic taught in the class.