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My friend's hobbies and interets

Anjali’s hobbies and interests
During the week, Anjali likes to spend her free time at home. She is doing the IB
Diploma and she is tired after a week at school. When she comes home, she
usually relaxes in front of the TV for an hour. Sometimes, instead of watching
TV, she likes to read. She often reads the newspaper and likes the articles on
finance and business. Anjali wants to study Economics at university.
Anjali is also very musical. She enjoys playing the cello and plays in the school
orchestra. The orchestra usually practise after school on Wednesdays and
sometimes at weekends.
Jaheem’s hobbies and interests
Jaheem is quite sporty. He loves playing football, and plays for both his school
team and a local team. He wants to be a professional football player and dreams
of playing for Real Madrid. He is very competitive and gets upset when his team
lose a game. The team always train for an hour after school. At the weekends,
Jaheem sometimes has to travel to other towns to play games.
Jaheem’s other hobbies are painting Warhammers and playing computer games.
When he is not playing football, he meets up with his friends and they act out
complicated battles. He hardly ever goes out to parties and he does not like
studying very much.
Nor’s hobbies and interests
In her free time, Nor does not like to stay at home. She prefers to go out with her
friends or family. Most weekends, Nor and her friends meet in one of the big
shopping centres and go window-shopping. Occasionally they go out to the
cinema, but they do not do this often as they cannot agree on the film to watch!
Her parents are very strict and she never goes out at night.
Nor loves playing badminton. She plays for the school team and has won local
championships. She usually uses her free time at the weekends to study and attend
supplementary mathematics classes.
Dawei’s hobbies and interests
Dawei is a true scientist! He spends all his free time looking at the starry sky
through his telescope. When he is not looking at the sky, he loves to read about
astronomy. His room is full of books and posters about the universe. Dawei
subscribes to scientific magazines and he has his own blog. He wants to be an
One of Dawei’s other hobbies is playing chess and he loves beating his older
brother. He helps to run a lunch-time chess club twice a week at school for
younger students. He hates sports and never has time to watch TV.
Nahia’s hobbies and interests
Nahia is artistic. In her free time, she enjoys painting, drawing and making
sculptures. She prefers to paint landscapes and she is very good at it. Nahia is
busy putting a portfolio of her best work together as she wants to study Fine Art
at university. She is also interested in photography, and loves to take black and
white photos of people.
She likes to hike in the mountains. She always takes a sketchbook in her
backpack and gets lots of ideas for her paintings when she is out hiking.
Sometimes she goes hiking with her friends and occasionally she goes with her
Edvard’s hobbies and interests
Edvard is very active and loves the outdoors. He usually cycles to school and only
occasionally takes the bus when the weather is bad. He is part of the school
athletics team and every afternoon he trains in the local sports centre near his
house. He is a track and field athlete and his favourite event is the 100 m sprint.
Edvard used to be a keen rower too, but he rarely rows now, as he is training for
the athletics regional championships. He wants to do well to get a scholarship to
go to university in Canada. Edvard also enjoys watching sport on TV.
Edvard is also interested in comics. He has a large collection. He started
collecting comics when he was eight years old. He has some special editions of
the Spider Man series.
ACTIVITY: What’s grammar?
• Information literacy skills: Present information in a variety of formats and
• Communication skills: Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and
• Reflection skills: Develop new skills, techniques and strategies for effective
Grammar is a set of language rules that help you to speak and write in the
language you are studying. Different languages have different rules and