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Tik Tok Daddy

Today I’m going to show you the technique to advertise traffic from TikTok to Dating. In this case study I would like to explain each detail step by
step, attaching screenshots, for a clearer explanation of my actions. All
useful links will be at the end of the case study.
First of all, I set up a cell phone brand Apple – iPhone 7, a memory of
128GB. A new Apple ID account was created, for a new email. The
registration country of the account was the USA. To register a user from
that country, I was used to generating random personalities.
After registering my account, I reset my device to factory settings with all
content on my phone deleted. With a clean phone, I began the setup
process. The phone language was set to English and the country to
United States. Disabled the password code for convenience, logged into
my Apple ID account, and then went through a quick setup process item
by item:
– Disabling code-password.
– Disabling geo-positioning
– Disabling Siri
– Disabling Screen Time
– Disabling iPhone Analytics
– Any color theme, no “Zoom
Then, when I got to the main menu of the phone, I opened the AppStore
and downloaded the following applications: TikTok, Telegram,
Windscribe VPN. First of all, we go to Telegram, and download avatars
for accounts, prepare creatives and copy the text for BIO.
– Where you can get the creatives for advertising?
It’s easy. Open Tik-Tok and start scrolling through the feed. Looking for
videos where girls dance, preferably the video had from 100 thousand
likes. Download about 150 videos at once. Videos from Tik-Tok can be
downloaded without a watermark through the service.
Buy a VPN Windscribe account. It costs about $1 and after buying – log in
it. We immediately pop up a dialog box that offers permission to turn on
a VPN. Click “Allow”. Then choose any of the proposed locations in the
USA. For example: US East – Boston. Wait a few seconds when it turns on
and then you are done.
This method can be used to set up the phone for absolutely any GEO
you want. This setting allows you to cast the necessary GEO with a
minimum amount of time.
Now we need to create our own sound in Tik-Tok, to which we will
upload our videos. Open the app and start the account registration
process. Choose the registration process via phone or email.
We will register accounts on the phone, as it is more useful and faster.
Press “Use phone or email”. Choose your date of birth. I usually put my
birth year, 1995. Next, you need to enter the phone number. We register
for UK numbers since they are the cheapest in the market. Take the
phone number in the service and input it. Enter received code. We enter
the password, which must have no less than 8 symbols, numbers and a
special symbol (question mark, exclamation mark). Type the login
account, any set of letters and numbers.
We go into our profile, click on the button “Edit Profile”.
Put the avatar you prepared in the beginning. Since this is a sound, I
usually put a black background on the avatar. Then in the “Name” field
we write the text, for example “CHECK PROFILE”.
Now our task is to record the music. To do this on the computer, open
any audio, which will be popular in the U.S. (See music charts). Open the
camera in Tik-Tok, put the phone on any surface so that we have a black
background, turn on the music from any other device and start
Shoot about 10-12 seconds and then post our video. Once our video has
uploaded, close the app and reopen it. Open our video that we just
uploaded and click on the record icon in the bottom right corner.
Change the name of the sound. I write the text something like: “NEED
DATING CHECK PROFILE”. You can experiment.
Now we’re all prepared to upload videos to our sound. Create a second
account, from which we will upload our creatives. We do the registration
of the account also on the UK GEO phone. The registration process is not
different from the first. We set the avatar, you can put a girl, you can
also black screen. They practically do not look at avatars. In the “Name”
type in any female name. In BIO type in any attractive text. Proceed to
advertise the video on our sound.
Open a Tik-Tok search and search there for our first account.
Open it, open our finished video on this account. Click on the record icon
in the bottom right corner. You see a big red “Use this sound” button.
Click on it. Then in the lower left corner you see the “Effects” icon.
Press. Select the “Green Screen” tab and find this icon.
We get a window, with all our downloaded creations. Choose our video,
click “Next”.
Next, point the camera at the monitor screen and start filming. After the
shooting is over, write the text “Tap on sound” on the video, select it in
any color. Pressing the “Next” button, we publish our video.
Repeat this operation 5 more times, so that we have a total of 6 videos
on our account. After you finish advertising the video, we need to put a
link to our account.
Do the following steps:
And then in the “Website” field put our link from iMonetizeIt
Then we just go into the phone settings, log out of the Apple account
and reset the phone to factory settings with content deleted. Next time
we set up the phone, also download three applications, turn on VPN,
download creatives, enter Tik-Tok, register, make an account and start
the process of downloading videos immediately, as we did with the
second account. We make two accounts, put the links, and reset the
phone to factory settings. Perform this procedure as many times as
possible to get as much traffic as possible.
About the domain, so as not to insert such a long link smartlinks and not
to use shortener, I purchased a domain on namecheap and did a redirect
there. It’s simple, look at the screenshots.
Done. The beautiful domain is with us. I always put it in the profile link.
On average, the account gets from 50 thousand to several million views.
At the very minimum, it gets about 45 thousand views, the total number
of likes ~1900, as well as 540 subscribers and 40 comments on all the
videos. These are the most minimal figures, in the case of a bad account.
Usually, these numbers are much higher.
An example of an account:
Here’s another example. The account had 29,000 likes, 12,000
subscribers, 100 comments, and 367,000 views. GEO was also the US.
The traffic was not every day, only 150 accounts were made.
US GEO was used only. Other GEOs were not used, because the US had
huge amounts of potential traffic. Besides the US, there was traffic from
the UK, CA, DE and others, but not in big volumes.
The cost of one account – $0.02 (150 accounts were bought).
The cost of the domain on namecheap – $5.99.
Buying a VPN – ~$1.
Buying clean sim to register Apple ID – $1.95.
Costs: ~$12
Earned: $3476.57
Clean profit: $3464.57
Useful Links:
Identity generator: https://www.fakenamegenerator.com/
Download Tik-Tok videos: https://qload.info/
Buy numbers: http://smshub.org/