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Quick Drills - All Alphabet

Quick Drills
Every Letter in the Alphabet
Below are some sentences that use every letter in the alphabet. Type each
sentence five times as quickly as you can. Be sure to use proper technique
and finger reaches. Do not look at your fingers.
The quick brown fox jumped ove the lazy dogs.
Eve glazed my floors with wax when J. B. Peck quit.
Don Pugh will have Jay Black freeze my six quarts.
M. J. Gripz saved the six boys as Wynn Quick fell.
Zeke Riggs packed my box with five quail for June.
John Fox left my quiz show and gave back a prize he had won.
Did Burt Jackson say Liza quit her hoax for Mr. Depp?
Pam was quite excited when Jack Flye bought the bronze vase.