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quiz USA

Different Strokes: Understanding American culture and language
1. What does the flag look like and what is it called?
8. The symbol and mascot of the Democratic Party is the ...
a) Donkey
b) Elephant
c) Coyote
2. How many states are there in the U.S?
9. The fastest-growing ethnic group is ...
a) The African-American
b) The Asian
c) The Hispanic
3. The national motto is...
a) In God We Trust
b) God bless America
10. True or False. Private ownership of firearms (with some
restrictions) is permissible in America.
4. What is the Constitution?
11. Which city is nicknamed Motor City?
5. How many Amendments are there in the Constitution and
which ones do you know?
11. The majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians.
Which of the following Christian groups is the most
a) Roman Catholic b) Anglican c) Baptist d) Mormon e)
6. Who was the first president of the United States?
7. Donald Trump is today's president. What number president is
he? (10th,22nd,40th , etc) What party does he belong to?
12. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs may have revolutionized the way
we'll listen to music with his iPod. What was the advice he
gave the graduates in his Commencement speech at
Stanford University?
Different Strokes: Understanding American culture and language
13. The first jeans were made in America. Do you know the
name of the brand?
19. Which of these American music styles is most associated
with African Americans?
a) Hip hop b) Blues
c) Jazz
d) Soul
e) All of them
14. Which famous drink did the American pharmacist John
Pemberton invent?
20. In the context of American culture, the term "Broadway"
refers to
15. Based on league attendance and TV viewership, which
professional sport in America is the most popular?
a) Baseball b) Basketball c) American football d) Hockey
16. Which of these ingredients is NOT a common component of
a traditional American dinner?
a) Turkey b) Fries c) Dressing d) Sweet Potatoes e) Cranberry
17. The world's famous Silicon Valley is renowned for being the
home of
a) Wealthy retirees b) Financial institutions c) Highly rated
universities d) Casinos e) Leading technology companies
18. Walt Disney was the most prolific animator/animation
producer in American history. Which of these was considered
his finest creation?
a) A famous avenue in NY b) Name of a memorable song
c) Broadway theaters located in NY d) Title of a 1942 film