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Florea Alexandru Valentin
Proposal regarding the celebrations for the arrival of the foreign visitors
The aim of this proposal is to discuss the ways to celebrate the arrival in our town of Mrs Chan
and her students next Friday.
The variants suggested
Holding a disco and buffet reception,
2. An introductory talk with a video on things to do in our town,
3. A performance by our schools’ orchestra.
Organising a disco and buffet
The first idea that was discussed was organising a buffet reception and a disco party. I believe
this can be a fun way for the students to interact and feel more at home, whilst also stretching
their legs for a bit after their tiresome journey. However, this will have quite the opposite effect for
students that are more introverted or those that feel anxious at these kinds of events, making
them feel isolated from the rest and at unease.
An introductory video of the town
Another suggestion was to create a little video showing them the activities they can do in our
town. This can be a great way to introduce them to our community and maybe make them feel
less like foreigners. This is by far the easiest out of the variants, and the one with the most
usefulness in my view, since they can learn how to spend their free time sightseeing and enjoying
the fun activities our town has to offer.
A school orchestra performance
Whilst the school orchestra is more than capable of putting on a great show, as the previous track
record shows, the music may not be to everyone’s taste so some students might find the
performance uninteresting. However, I do believe that this option shouldn’t be left off the table
and that it could be made optional, a point which I will mention in the paragraph below.
In my view, I recommend we organise all of the above mentioned, but with a small detail. I think
that there should be a choice between the school orchestra performance and the disco/buffet so
people can choose what even they want to attend based on their interests. Although it will be
more complicated, organisatory wise since we need to prepare all three, with a lot of dedication
we can truly make Mrs Chen and her students feel at home in our community.