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 Goal: Finish the first year of master studies on FOV.
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Most critical factor – Language barrier and misunderstandings.
 Pre-requests and needs:
 Getting into chosen the master program.
 Getting into the country and staying there for a year.
 Finding place to stay (accommodation).
 Finding financial support for living and studying needs.
 Factors that can influence on achieving this goal:
Inner factors
1. Understanding the requirements of the task we gain on Slovenian language, as well as
lectures (commitment).
2. Achieving group tasks when task demands that we form a team of two or more
3. Misunderstanding
(communication/language barrier).
4. Procrastination of obligations because there are so many things that can be distraction
in our study process (tv, mobile phone, social life, job opportunities…).
5. Psychological state of student (motivation, anxiety, mood swings, depression…).
6. Desire to learn.
External factors
7. Bureaucracy factors – getting visa.
8. The mood of the teacher when he or she are looking the paper/test or when giving the
9. Physical state of student (sometimes there is no way to prevent and illness or injury).
10. Agism
11. Learning and living environment at student’s dormitory (roommate support/behavior,
internet excess…)
 Explanation of the most critical factor
For me the thing that scares me the most is a possibility of misunderstanding the
instructions or important information that professors or students give to me
(COMMUNICATION). It is not a problem of not understanding because when I am aware that
I do not understand something I tend to ask around or directly the source for explanation. The
problem accrues when I think I understood what they have been telling me, but in fact I
misunderstood them. That is why I feel somehow insecure, which has much to do with COPING
(self-awareness and self-improvement). Therefore, I tend to ask some things to be explained
to me more then once, which can be annoying. Not knowing/understanding Slovenian
language that well is for me the most critical factor for achieving the goal of finishing first year
of master studies, so I guess I will need to put all the effort to learn it.
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Milena Mladenović