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PART 1: Violent crime is deeply entrenched in
certain communities. What are some solutions to
reduce crime rates in these communities.
PART 2: There is growing concern about how waste
is managed in our country. Discuss how the
government can manage waste effectively.
A: Talk about community patrol.
-Better technologies
B: Talk about monitoring public CCTV.
C: Talk about anti-violence campaigns.
-Recycling centres
D: Talk about focusing on ‘hot people’.
-Stop foreign dumping
PART 2: Snatch thieves on motorcycles are the
scourges of the nation. Discuss how to avoid being a
victim of snatch thief.
-Stricter law
-Beware of surroundings.
PART 1: Marrying someone from a different
background requires effort and understanding. What
are some challenges in interracial marriages.
-Avoid walking alone.
A: Talk about different expectations
-Don't flaunt wealth.
B: Talk about family disapproval
-Carry self-defence weapons.
C: Talk about societal judgement
-Keep bag closer
D: Talk about lack of compromise
PART 1: You have been given RM200. What are some
important things that you can buy?
PART 2: Interracial marriages is on the rise in
Malaysia. Discuss some benefits of interracial
A: Talk about buying clothes
B: Talk about buying revision books
C: Talk about buying internet plans.
D: Talk about buying video games
PART 2: There are many factors employers look for
when hiring someone. Discuss what employers look
for when hiring new staff.
-Blending genetics
-Learn another culture
-Experience different cuisines
-Learn new language
-More tolerant.
-Compare prices
PART 1: Being a good friend requires certain
qualities. What are some of those qualities
-Know consumer rights
A: Talk about being patient
-Read labels
B: Talk about being honest
-Make shopping list
C: Talk about being kind
-Buy during sales
D: Talk about being cheerful.
PART 1: There are many important ways to care for
the environment. What are some of the ways?
PART 2: It is not easy to maintain friendship, what
more a long distance friendship. Discuss how
friends can help maintain a long distance friendship
A: Talk about reducing the use of paper.
B: Talk about reducing the use of plastic bags.
C: Talk about reducing the use of fuel.
D: Talk about reducing the use of electricity.
-Social Media
-Keeping up to date
-Emotional Support
-Being open
-Making effort
PART 1: There are many activities that can
strengthen relationships. What are some of these
PART 2: Technology is an important tool in
education today. Discuss the benefits of using
technology in education.
A: Talk about having a meal together
B: Talk about going shopping together
C: Talk about exercising together
-New Skill
D: Talk about visiting tourist attraction together.
PART 2: The government should do more to ensure
our society is always united. Discuss ways the
government could promote unity in today's society.
-Independent Learning
-Organize social event
-Increase domestic travel
-National Day parade
-Encourage volunteerism
-Prepare more active programmes
PART 1: Buying a smartphone is a big decision. What
do you consider when buying a smartphone?
A: Talk about the camera.
B: Talk about the price
C: Talk about the brand
D: Talk about the size of the memory.
PART 1: Many students leave school to continue
their studies. What are some of the useful skills they
should have?
PART 2: Many people are addicted to technology and
this has caused a number of problems. In your
group, discuss the problems caused by technology
A: Talk about managing cooking skill.
-Physical Health
B: Talk about first-aid skills
-Social skills
C: Talk about driving skills.
-Family relationships
D: Talk about self defence skills.
PART 2: Some skills are not taught in schools. In
your group, discuss what life skills should be taught
in schools.
-Time management
-Financial planning
-Personal grooming
-Intercultural communications
PART 1: Technology helps in many ways. What are
some of these ways?
A: Talk about how technology help us shop online.
B: Talk about how technology help us make friends.
C: Talk about technology help us do housework
D: Talk about how technology help us find
PART 1: Lifelong learning is like a health club for
your brain. Outline the benefits of lifelong learning.
A: Talk about keeping the mind sharp
B: Talk about increasing wisdom
C: Talk about enriching lives
D: Talk about adapting to change.
PART 2: Earning a postgraduate degree is not the
end of the academic journey for many. In your group,
discuss some reasons for pursuing a postgraduate
-Better career prospects
-Change career tracks
-Flexible education
-Intellectual stimulation.
-Develop beneficial connections.
PART 1: Moving thousands of miles away from home
can be daunting. Suggest ways to adapt to new
cultures while studying abroad.
PART 2: Our performance in sports is not very
encouraging. Discuss how performance in sports
can be improved.
A: Talk about researching your destination
-Take public transport
B: Talk about exploring your surroundings
-Carpool with friends
C: Talk about joining a student group
-Share a house with friends
D: Talk about setting a routine
-Take turns to cook meals
PART 2: Studying abroad may be one of the most
beneficial experience for a college student. Discuss
some benefits of studying abroad.
-Avoid travelling alone especially in secluded places
-Career opportunities
-See the world
-Make lifelong friends
-Personal development.
-Top quality education
PART 1: Going on holidays abroad has many
A: Talk about how holidaying abroad widens our
B: Talk about how holidaying abroad strengthens
C: Talk about how holidaying abroad improves our
D: Talk about how holidaying abroad makes us feel
PART 2: Tourism makes a substantial contribution
to the economy of a country. Discuss ways to
encourage tourism.
PART 1: Students should take part in sports. What
are some of the benefits of sports?
A: Talk about learning team work in sports.
B: Talk about keeping fit.
C: Talk about reducing stress.
D: Talk about meeting people
PART 2: Winning medals in sports events is a dream
for many countries. To do this, the standards of
sports have to be improved. In your group, discuss
how this can be done.
-Upgrade sports facilities
-Identify talents
-Improve coaching standards
-More sporting events.
PART 1: There are still a number of poor families in
Malaysia who struggle. To make ends meet. Suggest
some ways to help the poor.
A: Talk about providing free tuition
B: Talk about posting on social media
C: Talk about joining charitable organisations as a
-Marketing and advertisement
D: Talk about giving donations
-Clean cities
PART 2: There is an increasing concern about the
standard of living of the lower income group in
Malaysia. Discuss ways to eradicate poverty.
PART 1: Participating in sport activities has a lot of
benefits. Suggest some benefits of sports.
A: Talk about how sports affects our health
B: Talk about how sports promote self-discipline
C: Talk about how sports improve our social skills
D: Talk about how sports help us relax.
-Create Jobs
-increase minimum wage
-medical coverage
-free education
-develop rural areas
PART 1: Maintaining positivity is a daily challenge
that requires focus and attention. What are some
ways to stay positive?
PART 2: There is an increasing concern about the
standard of living of the lower income group in
Malaysia. Discuss ways to eradicate poverty.
A: Talk about thinking positively
-Create jobs
B: Talk about fostering optimism.
-Increase minimum wage
C: Talk about practising gratitude
-Medical coverage
D: Talk about embracing positive attitude.
-Free education
PART 2: It is important to have a positive frame of
mind. Discuss the importance of staying positive.
-Develop rural areas
-Reduce stress
PART 1: Many things have become expensive
nowadays. How can we spend less money?
-Enhances confidence
Talk about buying your own vegetables.
-Improves health.
Talk about buying only what is necessary
-Improves performance
Talk about eating home-cooked meals.
-Attracts good people
PART 1: Living in a big city is a very big challenge.
Suggest some challenges that people should be
concerned about when living in a metropolitan city.
A: Talk about how the high cost of living affects
people who live in the city
B: Talk about how the traffic congestion affects
people in the city
C: Talk about how the high crime rates affects people
in the city
D: Talk about how loneliness affects people in the
Talk about using the public transport.
PART 2: Wasting electricity, water and other things
is bad for a country. People can reduce waste by
taking a few positive steps. Discuss the best way to
reduce waste.
-Plan your meal
-Media campaign
-Educate people
PART 2: Living in a big city can be very challenging.
Discuss ways that can help improve the quality of
life for those living in metropolitan cities.
PART 1: Malaysia is overzealous about cashlessness
but there is also the dark side. What are some of the
dark side of going cashless?
-Take public transport
A: Talk about access and equity
-Carpool with friends
B: Talk about security and privacy
-Share a house with friends
C: Talk about institutional abuse.
-Take turns to cook meals
D: Talk about increase in crime.
-Avoid travelling alone especially in secluded places
PART 2: There is much talk about going cashless
these days. Discuss how going cashless benefits
PART 1: Your family and you were discussing ways
to reduce household expenditure of the family.
Suggest an effective ways to save on household
-Less Crime
-Paper trails
A: Talk about cooking all meals at home.
-No cash management
B: Talk about going only for local holidays.
-International payments
C: Talk about buying only necessary items.
D: Talk about planning a monthly budget.
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