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[Journal of Macroeconomics vol. 6 iss. 2] - Macroeconomics Robert J. Barro. New York John Wiley and Sons, 1984. 580 pp. $30.95 ISBN 0-471-87407-8 (1984) [10.1016 0164-0704(84)90018-1] - libgen.li

Recent Books
Theory: A Survey. Douglas Fisher. New York: St.
Martin’s Press, 1983. 201 pp. $27.50 ISBN o-312-50329-6.
This book is a comprehensive
survey of the recent journal and
monograph literature on macroeconomic
theory. It covers the consumption function, the demand for money, the production function,
and the investment function. The material is developed in a modeloriented fashion with considerable documentation
and a large accompanying bibliography.
Robert J. Barro. New York: John Wiley and Sons,
1984. 580 pp. $30.95 ISBN o-471-87407-8.
This book offers a presentation
of the market-clearing
approach as a general method for analyzing real-world macroeconomic
problems. After an overview of the macroeconomy,
successive parts
deal with microeconomic
inflation; the labor market,
investment, and economic growth; government
behavior; monetary
and real sector interactions; and the international
Martin Brofenbrenner,
Werner Sichel, and Wayland Gardner. Boston: Houghton
Mifflin, 1984. 464 pp. ($17.95
ISBN O-395-34228-7 paperbound).
Microeconomics. Martin Brofenbrenner,
Werner Sichel, and Wayland Gardner. Boston: Houghton
Mifflin, 1984. 556 pp. ($17.95
ISBN O-395-34229-5 paperbound).
These are companion texts for standard principles courses. Part
1 of the macro book provides the basic groundwork
for what is to
come; Part 2 presents the Keynesian approach to the determination
of output and employment;
monetary instruments
are presented in
Part 3; supply-side theories are combined to discuss economic policy in Part 4; Part 5 treats international
aspects of macroeconomics
and growth and development;
Part 6 is on comparative
Rudiger Dornbusch and Stanley Fischer. 3rd ed.
New York: McGraw-Hill,
1984. 723 pp. ISBN O-07-017770-8.
The third edition presents a complete rewriting.
It continues
to stress the empirical relevance and policy applications of macroeconomic theory. More than before, the book focuses on current
policy issues. More attention is also given to rational expectations
and a mainstream
synthesis of recent ideas as applied to current
policy issues.