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Consent letter for Leso Plastics to further sublet

6th July 2022
Leso Plastics (Pty) Ltd
Plot No. B5
Thetsane Industrial Estate
Maseru 100
Attention Mr Amit Rajan Lall,
Reference is made to the above matter.
Acknowledgement is made to the receipt of your letter dated the 16th June 2022 and received by
our offices on the 22nd June 2022, requesting a written consent to the subject matter, as per
clause 17 of the Sublease agreement between Leso Plastics (the Tenant) and the Corporation.
Please be informed that permission is hereby granted as requested on the following terms and
1. As at 28th June 2022, Leso Plastics is in rental arrears amounting to M144 650.88, an
unfortunate occurrence of which the Corporation does not condone at all. The consent is
granted provided that the Tenant clears the said rental arrears as per your proposed
payment plan as attached herein. Failure to have distinguished the rental accruals by the
30th September 2022 as per the payment plan will result in the automatic withdrawal of
this consent and legal action will be initiated against Leso Plastics to recover the rental
arears and to cancel the sublease agreement.
2. The agreement between Tenant and the Subtenant companies (Galaxy Trading (Pty Ltd
and Total Hygiene Solutions (Pty) Ltd) shall be on a one-time basis, for a sublease term
not exceeding two (2) years.
3. The Tenant acknowledges that the legal and financial responsibility of the company
including but not limited to monthly rentals, upkeep of the premises, or any kind of
damage or breach, remains the liability of Leso Plastics.
4. The Tenant and its Subtenants agree that the Corporation is indemnified from any injury
or damage to them or third parties due to any act or omission of the Tenant and/or its
5. The Corporation reserves the right to pursue legal remedies available in the event of the
Tenant’s breach of its Sublease Agreement with the Corporation and in the event of the
Subtenant’s damage to the Corporation’s property.
6. The Tenant shall provide fully signed sublease agreements between the Tenant and the
Subtenants within 14 working days of receipt of this letter.
7. Regular inspections shall be carried out by the Corporation to monitor the health and
safety of all the workers and if it is discovered that the place is too congested to house all
three companies, then this consent will be withdrawn in writing. The Subtenants will have
to seek alternative premises, the Corporation will be more than pleased to offer them
rental space should such be readily available for allocation.
Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.
Yours faithfully,
Molise Ramaili
Interim Chief Executive Office