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Development Entrepreneurship

Development Entrepreneurship
Leaders using entrepreneurial principles to introduce reforms to improve outcomes
5 Principles; 4 Behaviors; 3 Criteria
Which Reform?
1. Criteria
a. Impact - Likely to change incentives and behavior of social actors to improve
b. Sustainability - Likely to become part of the status quo and everyday practice
of social actors.
c. Political Feasibility - Likely to be introduced given political realities. ; critical
criteria; ex: Magna Carta
Decision-making scenarios
a. Predictable future
Use 5 principles of linear logic
1. Pre-set goals
2. Analysis to minimize risks
3. Minimize probab
b. Uncertain future
Use 5 entrepreneurial principles
1. Start with what you have : who i am : what i know : whom i know
3. Expect and exploit surprises
4. Harness the power of networks and coalitions
5. The future can be influenced