Ch. 1 Physiology Test Study Guide

Ch. 1 Physiology test Study Guide
Know anatomical terminology
Know some examples of homeostatic mechanisms
Know that homeostasis does not involve positive feedback
Know the basics of the organ systems in the body
Know the characteristics of living things
Know the difference between an anatomist and a physiologist – what they do and study
Know the difference between positive and negative feedback
Know the levels of organization
Know the membranes of the lung
Know the smaller cavities in the head
Know the three body sections (planes)
Know what correct anatomical position is
Know what effectors and receptors are
Know what homeostasis is
Know what is required for human life
Know what metabolism is
Know what organs are found in the pelvic cavity
Know what responsiveness is
Know what the axial and appendicular portions of the body are
Know what the mediastinum is