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test de l'anee passee

Microbiology preparation
Question du test
1. first his cattle died, and then he fell victim to the same strange sickness. The
farmer had a high temperature, terrible headaches, and swollen gland for month. For
5 months he has been in and out of clinics presenting with significant episodes of
sleepiness and uncontrolled, incoherent talkativeness. Now he lay on the bed, so ill
he felt bewitched. Several times he’d fallen into a deep sleep for a few minutes, then
woken up and been able to get back to sleep. Now he laid exhausted, twitching, and
jerking so violently his family had to hold him down. When the doctor was finally
called, it was too late, the farmer has developed meningitis. The doctor told his
family to prepare for his funeral as there’s nothing anyone could do.
A) Which information from the passage supports Trypanosoma brucei gambiense as
the causative agent?
B) name the infective stage introduced into the farmer by the vector. -epimastigotes,
C) which trypanosoma brucei is this? -trypanosoma brucei cruzy, -trypanosoma
brucei gambiense, -trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense, -trypanosoma brucei brucei
D)the vectorthat could have transmitted this parasite from cattle to the human is… triatomid bug, -reduviid bug,
2. asymptomatic cyst shedders of entamoeba histolytica do no need treatment. True
3. we report a case of a 5-year old female, resident of Afghanistan who was
evaluated for high grade, intermittent fevers over the last 5 months. On examination,
she had pallor and massive splenomegaly. Blood test results showed decreased
haemoglobin, decreased white blood cell count, and decreased platelet count. Bonne
marrow aspirate showed Leishman Donovan bodies in macrophages. Characterized
by a kinetoplast and characteristic double do appearance (slide A and B)
A)The 5 year old is mostly likely suffering from: - kala azar
B) the Leishman Donovan bodies shown in the above figure, are also know as.
C) the Leishman Donovan bodies shown in the above figure, are characterized by…
-round bodies inside macrophage
-round shape, nucleus, kinetoplast, basal body
-round body, nucleus, undulating membrane, kinetoplast
-round body macro nucleus and
D) most probably the 5 year old got infected when the insect vector bit her and
introduced…into her body. -amastigote, -metacyclic trypomastigotes, promastigotes, -epimastigotes
E) the vector that could have transmitted this parasite from cattle to the human is….
-triatomid bug, -reduviid bug, -glossina palpalis
F) name the vector involved in the transmission. -assasin/kissing bug, -phlebotomus
insect, -tsetse fly, -glossina palpalis
4) -metacyclic trypomastigote, -procyclic trypomastigote
5)-round body, nucleus, undulating membrane, kinetoplast
-round body, macro nucleus and micronucleus
6) trichomonas vaginalis can be transmitted by fomites. True or false
8) match the following presentations seen in the listed blood borne parasitic
A) A swelling resembling a tumour that appears at the site of infection in
trypanosoma cruzi infection.
B) This is an itchy, painful, inflammatory reaction appear around 48 hours at the site
of the tsetse bite.
C) A swelling of lymph nodes along the posterior cervical lymph node chain,
associated with the early phase of African trypanosomiasis.
D) Malaria sign and symptoms within a short interval after the primary attack and it
is related to plasmodial drug resistance
F) diagnostic forms of America trypanosomiasis often observed on heart muscle
G) diagnostic forms of American trypanosomiasis often observed on peripheral blood
H) leishmania diagnostic stage observed on NNM culture
trypanosomal chancre
winterbottom’s sign
relapse malaria
9) Trichomoniasis is asymptomatic in female, with balanced vaginal flora. True or
12) Anchovy paste-like liver aspirate specimen is a characteristic of diseases caused
by the parasites
Ans/ -giardia lamblia, -entamoeba histolytica, -trichomonas vaginalis, - balantidium
13) a 23-year-old female presented to her primary care provider with abdominal
pain, cramps, flatulence, and diarrhoea five days after returning from a water rafting
trip in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Stool specimens were collected in 10% formalin
and zinc polyvinyl alcohol (Zn-PVA) and sent to a reference lab for routine ova-and-
parasite (O&P) testing. Slides 1 and 2 show what was observed on a trichrome-stain
slide of stool specimens at 1000x magnification with oil.
A) The novice parasitology concluded that the patient suffered from giardiasis. Is this
conclusion is correct? true or false
B) the novice parasitologist reported the presence of histolytica. Is this report is
correct? True or false
C) from the slide above, the novice parasitologist concluded that the patient has a
mixed parasitic infection. Is this conclusion is correct? yes/true or no/false
14) bulky, loose, foul-smelling, greyish stool specimen is a characteristic of diseases
caused by the parasite. -giardia lamblia, - gardia intestinalis, -gardia duodenalis, -all
of the above
16)cysts, egg and spores are similar especially in function. They are named differently
based on the phylum of the parasite involved. True or false
18) all protozoa exhibit motility as adult organisms. True or false
19)toxoplasma exists primarily in three form: oocyst, tachyzoits and bradyzoites.
True or false
19) toxoplasma trophozoites can covert to tachyzoites. True or false
20) discuss cryptosporidium parvum with emphasis on its genotypes, host specificity
and its monoxoenous cycle
21) yellow, forthy, fishy, smelling discharge specimen is a characteristic disease
caused by the parasite… -trichomonas vaginalis
22) urine specimen can be left overnight when investigating for the presence of cysts
of trichomonas gaginalis. True
23) the correct lifecycle of the plasmodium parasite is
25) when tachyzoites of toxoplasma gondii enter muscle tissue and the CNS, they
convert to tissue cysts. True or false
26)infection with which of the following parasites would not be diagnosed in a
human with a routine peripheral blood smear? -leishmania donovani
27) tabulate the similarities between Balantidium coli and entamoeba histolytica.
Emphasis should be on the infective stage, pathogenesis and pathology, description
of the specimen often collected and treatment.
28)which information from the passage support trypanosoma brucei gambiense as
the causative agent? -high fever and meningitis, -the exhaustion, twitching and
jerking, -involvement of the cattle and the duration of his illness, -episodes of
sleepiness and the talkativeness
29)discuss cryptosporidium parvum with emphasis on its genotypes, host specificity
and its monoxoenous cycle.
30)if a woman has been infected before becoming pregnant, she will pass the
tachyzoites of toxoplasma gondii early, infecting the foetus, leading to congenital
abnormalities. True or false
31) advantages of wet preparation include.
-to provide quick diagnosis of heavily infected specimen
-to check organism motility (primarily protozoan trophozoites)
- to diagnose organism that might no been seen from permanent stain methods
32)human become infected with toxoplasma gondii from ingesting food and water
contaminated with oocysts from infected cat faeces. True
33) trichomoniasis is asymptomatic in female, with balanced vaginal flora. false
34) human become infected with toxoplasma gondii from ingesting tissue cysts and
undercooked or uncooked meat. True