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Exit ticket 8/29 Advisory

EXIT TICKET from 8/29 Advisory
Answer each question in at least one complete sentence (good answers might take more!)
Briefly describe your current daily routine.
I wake up, go on my phone for a bit and
check my notifications and take a shower.
After that I go to starbucks then either go to
work or go home to do school
What is one new, positive thing you’d like to add
into your day?
Maybe reading a book or watching tv is
something more relaxing.
Where do you see yourself “stacking” or adding
this habit into your current routine?
At the end of the day
What is one new positive behavior that you think
you might be able to “swap” for and a habit that
you need to let go of?
Maybe swap out playing game with spending
more time with my family
How could you use some time each evening to
“prep ahead” for your next day?
Maybe get a calendar so I can write stuff
What is something that you find fun or relaxing
that you would like to build into your schedule for
at least 15 minutes a day?
Watching tv or playing games
What is a goal you have for next week and what is
something you can reward yourself with once you
reach this goal?
Next week I want to work on my race car
more and get it ready and I can reward
myself by getting a game
What is your plan for regrouping when you don’t
accomplish your small daily goals?
I just go back and restart the next day