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12. Similarities and differences - Google Docs

Similarities and
Christianity, Islam
and Hinduism.
Similarities and differences. What do different religions believe about God? What do they have in
common? What are the differences?
Students identify the similarities and differences in the different religious perspectives on the
Nature of God and consider the wider implications of the key beliefs around the nature of God.
Working in small groups – tables / brainstorm diagrams showing similarities and differences
between beliefs for the three religions studied: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism (25 minutes)
Similarities and differences - simple presentation
Comparing-Hinduism-Islam-and-Christianity - Primary School
What is the wider implication of these beliefs within each religion: personal, social, historical,
political…. Thinking/ research tasks around this – use slide to set up the task
Home learning task: complete the thinking/ research around the wider implications of the beliefs.
Wider implication Nature of God slide with task