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Application for Disconnection of Power supply

Mr. Jhando Khan Jamali
Sub-Divisional Officer
Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) Johi
District Dadu
Request for Temporary disconnection of Electricity Supply to my House
(Meter No. S-P 345365.
Dear Sir,
I am writing this application to request you for temporary disconnection of electricity supply
at our house from Meter No. S-P 345365, which is located in Ward 07, Jamea Masjid Muhallah
Johi. Since last 20 days, we have shifted to another rented house for next 6 months due to
complete damages to our house building during recent heavy rainfall. We have received bill
for the month of August, which is the result of our consumption of last month, we shall try our
best to make it paid, but since we are and will not be able to consume further electricity during
our migration period, even there is a risk of theft of electricity as we don’t live there and our
house is vacant since last 20 days.
Therefore, It is requested to please disconnect the electricity supply of my house temporarily
as soon as possible and please do not send extra charges to me based on this request. I will be
very grateful to you for your cooperation and anxiously waiting for you to take an action.
Best regards,
Nizam udin
Customer ID:1380588009/38010092195
Reference No: 04383130085140 R