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Moving Man Interactive

Moving Man Interactive
Go to the following site and explore the different features. Start by moving the man and
observing how values for position, velocity and acceleration change. Next, check the boxes
for "Acceleration Vector" and "Velocity Vector" and move the man around.
What do you notice about the directions of the vectors with respect to the direction of his
Next, click on the "Charts" tab at the top of the screen. Move the man around and observe
the differences between the 3 charts. How does acceleration change compared to the
change in displacement?
To move the man at a constant acceleration, do the following:
1. Click on the "Reset All" button on the right.
2. drag the man all the way to the left,
3. move the green arrow next to acceleration to a positive value and watch what he
does. What do you notice about the three charts while the man is accelerating?
4. Move the man back and forth by adjusting the green acceleration arrow and the red
velocity arrow. Observe the changes in the graphs.