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Is Resurrection the Final and Ultimate
What is the messianic era?
What is resurrection and what is the world to come?
Is resurrection the ultimate reward?
The Messianic Era
The Messianic Era is the time period from when the Messiah arrives until the time of resurrection.
There is a great argument amongst our Sages regarding what this time-period will look like – some who maintain that it will be very similar to
the world as we, in the diaspora, know it, while others believe it will be the beginning of when G-d’s essence will manifest itself openly.
What is Resurrection and What is The World to Come?
The World to Come
The dead will come to life again.
This is a period of only spiritual, no physical.
When this will happen is very controversial.
The order in which everyone will get up, and how everyone
will get up is argued at great length. Some authorities even
maintain that not all the dead will be resurrected.
Some authorities say this is the same period as the
resurrection period.
Other authorities maintain that this is a separate time-period
that will occur after the years of resurrection and this will
be the state we will be in for eternity – only soul; no body.
Is Resurrection the Ultimate Reward?
Maimonides says it is not, whereas Nachmanides and many other authorities maintain that it is.