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ch 3-4 assingment

1. I believe that educators and staff play an important role in helping the overall
development of the child. Teachers are around children 5 out of the 7 days of the week.
These students learn from us, as teachers and educators. Any example we set, they
use and reciprocate in their day to day lives. I believe teachers provide an environment
for children to grow in, in any successful way they wish. We are there with our students
at every developmental stage that they reach. This involves the good and the bad. From
students learning basic skills, all the way to complex skills. We are the people who help
them progress through all stages of life.
1A. The author believes that teachers and staff members play an important part in the
development of the whole child, beginning with the growing mental health state of kids
in the classroom. Teachers constantly face the issue of behavioral health issues
because students lives are constantly changing over different issues, that occur in their
daily lives. This is where social and emotional learning partner with teachers and
educators. In the classroom, teachers are part of the emotional and behavioral skills
that need to be reinforced over and over again. They’re responsible for doing so, so that
students can apply to their lives outside of school. Each teacher and staff member is
responsible for upholding certain standards that are required by the curriculum to help
with emotional development for the students. In the book, it states that there are five
core competencies that help with the overall development of students. Teachers are
responsible for reinforcing these five core competencies, to help the child develop as
they grow. Teachers have to take into consideration that these five things are what will
help our students become successful in their future. Teachers and staff members are
responsible for measuring the growth of our students to make sure that they develop the
correct way.
1B. I agree with the point of view that the author has. Mental health and behavioral
issues are the first stepping stone that students of all ages reach. These issues can
increase from certain situations that happen in their lives, inside and outside of school.
This is why teachers and educators are responsible for the development of our
students, because we are the first adults who can make a change to the issue.
1C. My schools viewpoint, in regard to the development of the whole child, is that
children grow at different paces. They progress in their own way instead of as a whole.
For example, some students will learn decision making skills and catch on faster than
others. From our point of view, this is completely okay. As a school, we make it our goal
to adjust to students needs at any point and time. As teachers, they want us to make
sure that our classroom environment is prepared to take on any adjustments as our kids
grow and progress.
2A. I believe that this quote means that relationships will always be the basis and
foundation for student achievement and teacher achievement. Once a teacher
establishes that professional relationship with their student, then acheivment can take
place at any point and time. These relationships are what leads us to success as a
whole school.
2B. I believe that at ASH every child feels connected, and feels as though they have a
place they belong. Every child feels and acts, as though they serve a purpose for being
a Trojan. If every student feels as if they truly belong at a school, student achievement
and school success will come easily. There won't be an issue of increasing success
because the environment around our students helps aid in their success.
2C. I believe 100 percent in this quote. Based off of my first year of teaching, once
students feel as though they have a developed a healthy relationship with their teacher,
then student achievement begins to increase. That healthy relationships helps take
down a barrier for the student. This lets them know that they shouldn't be afraid to ask
questions to the teacher or "sound dumb" when asking about a specific thing. When
students feel comfortable enough and reach this point, student achievement will always
increase because they feel comfortable in their environment.
3. (Issues) 1. Identifying when and if a student or students is struggling mentally in your
2. Creating an emotional support environment that prevents mental health issues and
enhances learning.
3. Building a professional student teacher relationship with their students.