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25 Things to do Before You Turn 25

25 Things to do Before You Turn 25
1. Run a half marathon.
2. Finish 100 books in a year.
3. Take more pictures.
4. Save $10k in an emergency fund.
5. Donate to charity… regularly.
6. Travel abroad.
7. Spend more time with family.
8. Plan something with your best friend.
9. Do yoga or meditate at least once a week.
10. Grow a proper windowsill garden.
11. Make a new friend.
Meeting new people isn’t too challenging, but making new friends as an adult is
surprisingly difficult.
Once you’ve graduated from college or have left a school environment, you’ll need to
make it an intentional goal to connect with someone on a deeper level.
12. Step out of my comfort zone and try something you would never have considered
We all tend to stay in our comfort zones because it’s where we feel “safe.” But to see
change and improvement, you have to take a leap!
We all have something that we think we would always say “no” to. It might be skydiving,
flying, or solo travel but there’s a lot to be learned from learning into the resistance we
13. Volunteer regularly.
14. Ditch the Starbucks habit and invest in my own espresso machine.
15. Hit a fitness goal.
16. Establish a sleep schedule that works for you.
We’re not all morning people, and we don’t have to be! Our brains are still developing
before age 25 so it’s important that we’re getting enough rest.
Protect your sleep because your sleep protects you!
17. Binge watch “Friends” and “Sex and the City.”
18. Take yourself out to lunch.
Maybe for some people this doesn’t seem scary or intimidating, but I’ve never gone to a
restaurant alone.
This makes a great “get of your comfort zone” task!
19. Take yourself out to the movies.
20. Book plane tickets to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.
We all have placed we dream of going, and the first step to making it happen is booking
the tickets!
21. Do a Whole30.
The Whole30 is an awesome but challenging experience. It helps you to better understand
your body and the impact of the food you feed yourself.
22. Cook a turkey.
23. Learn some new software.
There are always new technologies and programs coming out in every industry.
To stay on top of your game, you’ll benefit from embracing them and learning them as
quickly as possible.
For me? My goal is to learn InDesign.
24. Learn calligraphy or another creative skill.
25. Go a week without watching any TV.
Inspired by Natalee’s recent TV-free week, I’d like to attempt something similar. I’d like
to at least go one week but maybe even attempt a month.