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Asynch lab 2

Justice is the ethical obligation to distribute the benefits and burdens of research fairly and to
ensure that the methods used to select study subjects are fair.
We will avoid violating this principle by ensuring that we select participants based on our
study needs rather than convenience.
We shall also be fair to the participants by providing equal opportunity to all and without
exploiting them based on their circumstances.
We would also ensure that the participants come first and that they would most likely
benefit from the study.
Anonymity and confidentiality are the researchers' obligations to protect the participants' privacy
while collecting, analyzing, and reporting the data.
We will avoid violating this ethical consideration by using pseudonyms for the participants'
real identities and without using any identifiers that can be linked to them.
We will also explain how the data will be kept confidential with informed consent given to
the participants.
We will also protect the participant's privacy and confidentiality by physically and
technically safeguarding the data collected. This entails keeping the files hidden in a
locked cabinet or installing passwords on the computer to prevent unwanted access.