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Creating a New Budget Student Guide

Creating a New Budget to Meet Your
Saving and Spending Needs
Student Assignment
In this assignment, you will create a budget and answer questions about how your budget has
successf ully met short-term and long-term goals.
Assignment Instructions
Step 1:
Gather materials and necessary information.
a) Ask your teacher which word-processing sof tware you will be using.
b) Keep your lesson and assignment open in case you need to review what you have
Step 2:
Read and follow each set of instructions carefully.
a) To create your budget, type an amount of money into each cell of the tables you have
been given. Be sure to ask your teacher f or help if you are not sure how to do this.
b) Make sure you complete the questions on each page.
Assignment: Revising a Budget
You have just been promoted at your job, and now you have a net income of $2,190. You would like
to use this income to meet new f inancial goals.
Create a budget that will allow you to save at least $100 per month. (10 points)
Remember, your old budget ref lected a net income of $1850.00 and included these exp enses:
$600 f or your rent
$475 f or your car payment, car insurance, and gas
$230 f or your utilities, phone, and Internet
$300 f or your groceries
$50 f or your entertainment
$20 f or your renters insurance
$75 f or discretionary spending
A f inal net total of $100 saved per month
Your new budget needs to include these changes:
A new line to budget $50 per month toward a new computer
Other expenses may be modif ied as you choose.
A f inal net total of at least $300 saved per month
Scroll to the next page to edit your budget with these changes in mind.
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Student Guide (continued)
Monthly Personal Budget
Income and Expenses
Old Budget
New Budget
One-Year Total
Total income
Total fixed expenses
Total variable expenses
Total expenses
Net savings
Which budgetary category changed the most between your old budget and your new budget?
Why? (5 points)
How does your new budget help you to meet your short-term goal of buying a new laptop? (5
How does your new budget help you to meet your long -term goal of saving f or college? (5 points)
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