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8:27 Case

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Professor Hanna
Business Law
Averyt v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (3.2)
1.Brief, important facts of the case
- Holly Averyt was a truck driver and she slipped on grease while making a run.
-She ruptured disk in her spine, and injured shoulder/neck – Could not do daily tasks
-Walmart denied this
-The next day Walmart told the court that the assistant manager on duty that day had
paperwork that confirmed the existence of the spill
- Overall Holly ended up willing 11 Million in damages.
2. Describe what the legal issue is (why is the case before the court)
- Holly hurt herself on Walmart’s’ property and they also were denying that the spill was there
because they claimed they had the spill cleaned up properly.
3. What the court decided (the ruling)
They decided that Walmart did not do a good enough job cleaning the spill and awarded Holly
4. Why the court decided this way
They decided this way because even after the documents show they “cleaned it” there was still
something there and it was clearly a problem that they didn’t get fixed.