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Advanced Writing Course 2.3- Classification Essay

Jacen Wang
Advanced Writing Course 1
23 August 2022
Classification Essay
(Final Draft)
Classmates as President
“There are three sorts of people; those who are alive, those who are dead, and those
who are at sea.” This quote by Anacharsis, a 6th century B.C. Scythian philosopher, told
the truth of different people in his un-survived works. The alive are alive, the dead is
dead, while it was impossible to determine the fate of any man who was at sea until he
either return home or did not. Just like the people around the world, the school
environment also has 3 types of people. The “alive” are the classmates who already
befriended you, and they know you well. While on the other hand, the “dead” are the
unsocialized and unfamiliar classmate who you are unable to join them. Lastly, the
classmates at “Sea” reflects those that are strange, and that they have unique qualities
that you just never know. However, they do have a lot in common as they are all called
the weirdos. The weirdos are divided into three categories: the class clowns, the lazy
plagiarists, and the nerds.
The first group is the class clowns who prefer to argue and annoy their classmates,
and they represent about 2 students in each class. The class clowns like yelling making
fun of others, and these kids especially like acting stupidly before classmates and
teachers. They enjoy laughing and running; additionally, he always engages in silly
games that frequently disturb class even though they uplift the kids. Class clowns may
also make ridiculous noises; moreover, they really like run into fictitious barriers, and
mimic the teacher's movements behind their backs while circling with the teacher. Class
clowns can also disrupt lessons by interjecting inapplicable remarks; they frequently
say outrageous things and make sarcastic jokes that make the entire class laugh aloud.
Alex is one of the class clowns in my class; for instance, he made approximately ten
unrelated remarks about being a sponge and a cnidarian during science class. He sings
goofy songs about his transformation from a purple fish to a person. He is also rather
naughty, for he never completes his schoolwork and is constantly making his way to
the teacher to argue and dispute unrelated topics. He especially enjoys moving around,
examining the classroom while making strange noises, or sometime he just shakes
hands with everyone he meets. In brief, class clowns are common in classes and have
certain personality traits that cause disruptions.
The second category is known as the lazy plagiarists who never do their
schoolwork and always copy their assignments. These pupils have average to poor
grades, for they never attempted to complete their schoolwork at home and instead tried
to plagiarize others' work without effort. The school is in full effort to find out those
plagiarists, yet they are just so common in the morning before courses begin that they
make up around one-third of the class. Some people plagiarize other’s ideas despite
barely working; additionally, some plagiarists might be identified by their laziness and
lack of interest in learning. Many of them waste their permitted study time after school
by playing video games for about three hours daily, so they doesn’t have enough time
and effort to complete their assignment. They never receive excellent grades, which is
another trait; for instance, they frequently fall between 80 and 70 percent, and
occasionally much lower. For example, the last time I was in school, it was early in the
morning, and I noticed 3 classmates looking about suspiciously before going into the
restroom. They are discussing their English homework, which I overhear. One of them
explains The Lord of the Flies reading notes are too difficult to finish; the other two
explained, saying they're simply too lazy to do it. One person even remarked that
writing essential things noticed and PEEL paragraphs are much worse than playing
video games. They move toward the corner of the bathroom where no one can see them;
afterwards, they started talking about a game I had never heard of before. I leave,
leaving them plagiarizing their answers. In summary, plagiarists never put in a lot of
effort and hardly ever do their homework.
The third group is the nerds in the class who genuinely enjoy reading, writing, and
studying. These pupils are the best of the best; for example, they always win several
competitions and have a high GPA. They are excellent, for they are open to express
themselves and have a well-rounded understanding of various academic areas. The fact
that the nerds are knowledgeable is their most important aspect. Students like me are
pictured holding comics and phones playing games; the nerds are frequently pictured
holding books or a math supplementary worksheet from another tutoring center. They
don't often communicate and interact with one another, which is another trait. They
received flawless ratings for their presentations, yet they didn't seem to enjoy talking,
which made them stand out. They always work quietly and methodically on their own;
however, they can also frequently interact well in class and provide the best and most
responses. They simply complete tests and classwork quickly and accurately, take notes
and submit their homework on time. There is a nerd in my physics class who is always
the first to solve the problem; to illustrate, he always performs the calculations and
answers questions. All of his schoolwork is 100 percent accurate, and it is wonderfully
done. Additionally, that nerdy youngster will constantly be reading, completing
homework, or writing down solutions in a large math workbook throughout lunch and
morning P&Bs. It is also highly typical for them to finish all of their homework before
the end of the school day. In brief, nerdy students enjoy all things academic.
In conclusion, the class clowns, the lazy plagiarists, and the nerds are the three
types of classmates that I encounter in school. There are lots of classmates with various
qualities. It's not unusual to have a strange classmate that always does things by
themselves. Only I know how crazy my high school classmates can be. As Kurt
Vonnegut had said, “True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high
school class is running the country”.