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Skillbuilder Learning Styles

Skillbuilder: Learning Styles
1. List your dominant learning style (you may have more than one), then describe a strategy
you can use to help yourself learn that is consistent with your learning style. For example, a
student with a solitary learning style may find studying in a location such as a library or
alone in their car helps them focus.
Ans: According to my smarter measure overview my primary learning styles are Logical
and Verbal. As an instance for verbal learning style I prefer using storytelling methods to
help with visualization. Moreover, color-coding and organizing my materials helps
organize things in my mind. While logical learning style prefers to keep detailed planners
and organizers and enjoy playing strategy-based games such card games and board games.
2. Imagine that in one of your courses you are finding the content very difficult. In addition
to the faculty member, who could you reach out to for assistance? Why would they be an
appropriate person to assist you?
Ans: In my opinion, I would approach professors and lecturers for assistance since they’re
mentors too. It can be both exciting and beneficial for students to see and comprehend the
paths taken by their instructors to get to where they are now.. This helps the students to get
out of their comfort zones