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Pakistan International School (English Section)
Scheme of Studies (1st Term) Session 2022-2023
Grade: 8
Subject: Chemistry
1st Week
Aug. 28 to Sep. 01
2nd Week
Sept.04 to Sept.08
3rd Week
Sept. 11 to Sept. 15
4th Week
Sept. 18 to Sept. 22
Make-up Examination
(Aug.28 to Aug31)
Defense Day (All wings)
GCE Mock Examination
Saudi National Day Celebrations
(All Wings)
Chapter 1
1.1 States of Matter (P3-8)
- Changes in state
- Pure Substances
- Heating and Cooling Curve
Questions 1-6 (P7-10)
1.2 Kinetic Particle theory of
Matter (P11-13)
-Existence of atoms and molecules
-Main Points of Particle theory
- Interpretation of cooling curve
1.3 Mixture of Substances and
diffusion (P14-17)
6th Week
7th Week
8th Week
9th Week
10th Week
Oct. 02 to Oct. 06
Oct. 09 to Oct. 13
Oct. 16 to Oct. 20
Oct. 23 to Oct. 27
Oct. 30 to Nov. 03
ICT + Quran Assessment
(6 - A2 except Grade 10)
ICT + Quran Assessment
(6 - A2 except Grade 10)
First Term Assessment
(Grade 6-A2 except Grade 10)
First Term Assessment
(Grade 6-A2 except Grade 10)
-Questions 5-8 (P36)
2.3 Electronic configuration of
elements (P38-42)
-Electrons in shells
- Electronic configuration and periodic
-Questions 9,10,11 (P42)
Chapter 4 Chemical Formula and
4.1 Chemical names and formula
- Formula of elements
- Naming chemical compounds
-Formula of covalent compounds
-Formula of ionic compounds
4.2 Chemical equations for reactions
- Word equation
- Balanced symbol equations
-Ionic equation
-Questions 1-6 (P85-87)
Chapter 3 Chemical Bonding
3.1 Nonmetallic substances and
covalent bonding (P49-56)
- Elements, compounds and mixtures
- Covalent bonding in simple
molecular elements and compounds
-Questions 1-4 (P56-57)
3.2 Ions and ionic bonding
Worksheet Chapter 2
- Solutions
- Diffusion in Fluids
- Questions 8-10 (P19)
- Questions 7 & 9 (P24-25)
Worksheet Chapter 1
Test Chapter 1
Worksheet Chapter 4
Chapter 21
21.1 Experimental design
-Planning an experimental
-Selecting correct apparatus
-Accuracy and precision of the
date recorded
-Repeatable and reproducibility
-Sources of errors and display of
21.2 Separation and purification
(P410 -416)
-Simple distillation
-fractional distillation
Worksheet Chapter 21
Notes/ 5th Week
Sept. 25 to Sept.29
Chapter 2 Atomic Structure (P28)
2.1 Atoms and elements (P30-34)
- Structure of atom
- Characteristics of protons neutrons
and electrons.
-Protons ( atomic ) number and mass
(nucleon) number
-Questions 1-4 (P34)
2.2 Isotopes (P34-37)
- Measuring mass of an atom
- Characteristics of isotopes
-Calculation relative atomic mass
Test Chapter 21
- Formation of ions
-Ionic compounds
- Physical Properties of ionic
- Questions 5-7 (P60)
3.3 Giant Structures (P62-66)
-Giant ionic lattice structure
- Giant covalent structure
- Metallic bonding
Worksheet Chapter 3
Pakistan International School (English Section)
Scheme of Studies (1st Term) Session 2022-2023
Grade: 8
Subject: Chemistry
11 Week
Nov. 06 to Nov. 10
12 Week
Nov. 13 to Nov. 17
13 Week
Nov. 20 to Nov.24
14 Week
Nov. 27 to Dec.01
Chapter 8 Rates of Reaction
8.1 Factors affecting rate of reaction
- Effect of reactant concentration
-Effect of temperature
- Presence of a catalyst
8.2 Collision theory (P174 -176)
Questions 1-6 (P171-172)
Iqbal Day (All Wings)
ICT + Quran Examination (All Grades)
Chapter 7 Chemical energetics
- Bond breaking and making
7.1 Physical and chemical changes
7.2 Exothermic and endothermic
-Questions 1-8 (P151-157)
Worksheet Chapter 7
Test chapter 7
Factors affecting rate of
-surface area
-Reaction Pathway diagrams
- Enthalpy change
-Activation energy
Test Chapter 8
20th Week
17th Week
18th Week
19th Week
Dec. 11 to Dec. 15
Dec. 18 to Dec. 22
Dec. 25 to Dec. 29
Jan. 01 to Jan 12
First Term
(All Grades)
First Term
(All Grades)
First Term Break
ICT + Quran Examination
(All Grades)
Worksheet Chapter 8
16th Week
Revision Week
15th Week
Dec. 04 to Dec. 08