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[English] PROVE THEM WRONG - Motivational Speech [DownSub.com]

Haters motivate me.
'Cause when they're talking about me,
that means I'm doing something.
You see,
while you're over there,
watching me and
talking about me,
I'm working.
I'm working hard.
I'm taking things to the next level.
You keep gossiping
and I'll keep working.
You keep talking smack
and I'll keep working.
You keep focussing on
everything and everyone else
and I'll keep working.
And when you finally look around
at where you are
and where I'm at,
you'll realize that you have
nothing left to talk smack about.
And you will lose
and I will win.
That person who is your hater,
they thought they defeated you.
That person who told you, you'll never amount
to anything,
they thought they defeated you.
Use them for fuel.
Use them for energy.
Put them on the mental Rolodex in your mind.
And when you don't wanna do sh*t,
roll through your brain,
put up that motherf*cker that you need,
that person who said you couldn't do something,
use it for energy.
Instead of killing them with kindness,
torture them with f*cking success.
"Oh, you're being unrealistic,
you're dreaming."
Yes, I am dreaming.
See, a lot of people have stopped dreaming.
Don't you stop dreaming.
You're gonna get up,
you're gonna get dressed,
you're gonna get out
and you're gonna do
what you've been called to do.
You're gonna be what you've been called to
You're gonna have
and you're gonna prove to everybody
that tried to break you,
you're gonna prove them wrong.
Everybody that tried to stop you,
everybody that tried to kill your dream,
you're gonna prove all of them wrong.
When you're uncommon,
get ready for the criticism.
When you're uncommon,
get ready for the opposition.
When you're uncommon,
get ready for the common people
not to understand you.
When you're uncommon,
have uncommon ways,
get ready for people to try and block you,
and conspire against you.
Never ever allow anybody to make you feel
about being so blessed
when you've worked your ass off to get it.
You decided all the clubs,
partying, hanging out,
and all that sh*t,
that ain't for me.
I'mma be out here running
in the hot sun, practicing,
playing basketball,
shooting on weekends,
while everyone else is clubbing and hanging
you got your focus right.
You see me in my Rolls-Royce,
private planes,
rooftop hotel,
5, 6-star lifestyle,
I've worked my ass off to have it
and you can keep all your little slick ass
comments to yourself.
'Cause guess what?
I don't remember the last time I lost sleep
over a hater.
Shut the f*cking noise out.
Embrace the fact that people don't like you.
It means you're doing something right.
Develop the interior core
where it doesn't matter
if people call you crazy.
One of the things limiting you from your income,
your impact,
a world-class life,
you care too much about what people think
about you.
Everyone has an opinion.
Why let the opinions of other people
deny you
from a life that will make history?