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Financial instruments are those things are traded or those instruments that allow you to invest your
money. It can either be sold to gain some profit or you can even buy it which would allow you to have
any evidence of ownership. Financial institutions are firms that act as agents that offers financial
services to clients. They serve as mediators and custodians for whatever a client deposits or any
financial transactions. Financial market are the places where financial instruments are bought and sold
and this is where individuals interact to exchange financial instruments.
Financial instruments are those instruments that allows you to invest your money which would give you
some gain upon selling it or gives you any right of ownership upon buying it while financial institutions
act as agents that provides financial services to customers and they serve as mediators and keepers of
client deposits and any other forms of financial transactions. Lastly, financial markets are the places
where trading of financial instruments takes place.
Most businesses operate out from the availability of the resources that we can
find all around us. Some of us even make a living out from the provision of
land, water, animals and other necessities for food, for clothing and etc.
People love money for money is the main mediator between humans and the
fulfillment of their desires which is needed in order to fully operate. While
many people go crazy about having businesses to generate more money, we
tend to forget that we overuse the resources that we have, resulting to
scarcity, depletion and many other negative effects not only affecting us but
our environment as well. By the time we realize that our nature has already
taken its toll from the abuse of humans, we are already suffering from the
consequences of it, thus affecting each and every level of society that we
have. Businesses should be the first ones to protect our environment, as we
cannot live and eat money when our world is already falling apart.
Businesses require resources in order for it to fully operate, thus,
entrepreneurs obtain through gathering around what we needed. We
oftentimes get our resources from the ocean, forests and etc. Businesses
wanted to gain money, thus, they always want to find ways to extract more
resources without realizing the fact that these resources may be limited.
Before we noticed it, we are already experiencing the negative effects brought
by the abuse that we have made in our environment. Money can’t buy the
lives that have been lost because of landslides brought by extensive quarrying
and illegal mining, lives lost from flashfloods due to deforestations and many
more. Businesses should be responsible in dealing with our environment
because we only have one Earth to live and money will just become paper
when everything is just about survival in times of catastrophes.