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10X Productivity Training Day 1

Day 1-: 10X Productivity by Driple Shah
● Take action which is required
● Constantly train,transform,evolve yourself to the next
version of who you are.
3 stages of Growth
- Stage of Understanding the concepts
People have reached a stage that they have already
- Stage of implementation
Experience goes through muscle memory and creates a shift
in personality and transformation takes place.
-Stage of Master
Collect enough failures-: Experiment the more you will fail but
then you will master.
You will give quick and correct guidance.
Secret to implement things faster
Convert the process into baby steps
-1/3rd hours of sleep
-1/3rd daily routine and responsibility
-Actual ⅓ of your life.
Minimum hour to call yourself productive 40 hours a
-We all should be time unconscious
● Ask yourself this how much productive I was today(before
you before leave workspace)
● 4 part challenge for time abundance
- No social media, we let them control us rather than
controlling them.
- No digital games
- No music listen (audio books,play instrument)
● No netflix,news etc
When can you have a good thoughts
A. 1st condition you need to be relaxed
B. Need to be available for solutions
5 dimensions
- Data
★ Data ( Lack of clarity you are not able to move forward)
Figure out
● What to do (Milestone)
● How to do
● When to do
We human beings can only focus on one thing at a time
Humans can do multiple task but we cannot do multitasking
Efficiency drops to 40%.
1st step
Pour all your thought on piece of paper or book
1 line 1 sentence.
Digital Detox
At Least 30 thoughts
Affirmation 21 times take a photo
I am Valuable
My time is Important
I am in complete control of myself
We should Replace have to from want to.